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  • southbuckeye southbuckeye Mar 22, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    rlbeard6734's view of the United States of America

    Yesterday you posted:"we should secede and become our own country, then we would'nt have to support the rest of the country". I know you live in Texas. And Texas is different in many respects from say Ohio or California. But that posting of yours has been gnawing on me. Why would an intelligent poster (and yes, you are one) make such a radical statement? I'm puzzled.

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    • rlbeard6734: three days and no reply?

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    • It can not and will not happen. so the issue has NO meaning or point...rld.

    • sorry I didn't reply sooner, I thought I sent that as a private post to another friend, don't know how you got it. but I am from SW Missouri and I included oklahoma, texas and arkansas, and was referring to the taxes, gay rights, green politicians from other states and that they didn't have the sense that our politicians had (and that is just SW Missouri not the whole state, we still have Mccaskill because the repubs somehow with clares donation nominated Adkins a complete fool) I am conservative to the bone and yes as vipinkot says it won't happen, but I get tired of the liberal agenda and wish I could secede with people of like mind and run a decent country with balance budgets, low taxes, good work ethics, and morals of my persuasion. I don't see all posts don't know how I missed this, lots of posts on this board and if they get to another screen I don't roll back.

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      • actually you are wrong if you break it down by county the counties that get the most in federal benefits vote democrat and those that pay the most and receive the least vote Republican almost to the county. YOu are not including all govt payments. NO one only pays $100, heck my tax bill with all the donations and write offs I could wrestle was one 130k. and I guarantee you they didn't send that back to Missouri it went to the west or east coast Ohio almost went republican this time, sorry they didn't. I get tired of paying for all of the dead beats in this world, if i was dictator there would be no unemployment or welfare payments, i would give everyone a job and if they didn't do it then they could starve but I agree with Rand Paul on several issues: I would secure the borders and give out green cards like postage stamps, I would welcome immigrants legally and easily, I would raise the minimum wage to $10 that is what we pay welfare and unemployment so why not those that work, I would send all the gay people to Saudi Arabia and let them deal with them. I am sure that will get me in trouble. I believe in the no tell no harm rule, stay in the closet but stay away from my kids. So work or get hungry, i shouldn't have to support those unwilling to get off their butts. Don't bring up disabled that is another disgrace that now our military is heavily into when they want out. i would even find a job for the disabled, to get a payment you would have to be paraplegic. We have lost our morals and our ethics and it will take a real cleansing to repair it. NOW HOW DID YOU INTERCEPT MY EMAIL???

      • Thank you for replying rlbeard6734. I do believe that most of the "red" states of our country receive far more in benefits than do the "blue" states. I.E. If Michigananders and Alabamans each pay one hundred dollars in taxes to the federal government, the government returns say, ninety dollars to Michigan and one hundred ten dollars to Alabama. That's actually how it works. I still believe that you and your fellow citizens who want to leave the U.S.A. and form a seperate country would be making a huge mistake. I hope you reconsider.

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    • I have gone back over my posts for the last week and couldn't find this post, it was a private email to an individual that I speak to several times a day in Texas and now my curiosity is how did you get it?

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