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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Mar 24, 2013 11:54 AM Flag


    Do your research and see what it pending in INFRASTRUCTURE -- Germany to China to USA to nascent economies -- they are already discussing this and it will happen as it will be a key driver to WORLD ECONOMIES and IT HAS TO BE DONE ANYWAY - like Germany is saying - they are so far behind the curve on infrastructure rebuild that the time has come to move forward. You will see a boom in commodities again linked to this rebuild. As winter now turns to spring and spring to summer you are going to see it unfold - I am holding all of my big players from caterpillar to bhp and building up cliffs as we speak. It is the time - be early not late the INFRASTRUCTURE BOOM is coming - you had the tech boom of the 90's and others like railroads in the past and electricity and on and on but now is INFRASTRUCTURE. I do very well because I do my DD and look for unfolding trends - I may be early sometimes if not most but in the end the win is mine. Good luck. Goldman has a sell on Cliffs but they are wrong and I will beat Sal on this call as he is clearly wrong big time. Boolean.

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    • Did you ever notice how a stock price makes a strong run up, and then analysts come out with a strong buy rating and increase in PPS target? And then when a stock takes a huge hit like CLF, and it hits bottom, an analyst like Goldman comes out with a sell rating? The point is all they do is follow the stock price movements, and then make their calls. They're never ahead of the curve.

      So yes, I agree with you. As a contrarian indicator, I think it's time to load up on CLF, and expect at the very least a technical move up from here, before a more substantial move up later in the year. The shorts will counter with "no buyout". That's missing the point....If this bounces as I believe it will, it's not because of a buyout.

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      • moneynow27 - you are right on -- that is my reference as well -- we need to sit down for brew - coffee or otherwise. Yes - the anal-ysts tend to be REPORTERS or they get on the up or down trend line and then when it hits bottom or the market is really negative they push out a call to make it drop due entirely to market conditions. Now Sal and Goldman are going to be way wrong BUT they will come back in on the run up and praise Cliffs. Good luck -- I am convinced we are at the bottom and will back and fill a little here and then rise -- Sal's SELL call will prove to be another anal-yst blunder. Boolean.

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