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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Mar 25, 2013 3:47 PM Flag


    how did you get a private post of mine to an individual in Texas that was not posted on line? Have you installed a bug on my account??

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    • I am a tight wad in some ways, and it just irks me to pay that much to watch TV and I have minimum package but have to out here in the country as the dish is the only way I can watch it at all and I can't live without weather and the stock channel it seems. Yes I think I could watch it on a big screen computer and no i don't have a big screen waiting to get one after my wife finally finds the console she wants at the right price for it. I may die before that happens, she is tighter than I am. I guess that is why I have been able to save so much: a wife that didn't spend it.

    • rlbeard6734: i get the impression that you can easily afford to pay your cable tv (satellite) bill. I can't see you trying to watch MSNBC on a small computer screen as opposed to the big screen T.V. that I envision you watching programs on now.

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    • rlbeard6734: Don't give it a second thought. No spys around here. Hey, I thought you lived in Texas, as your posts are so conservative. But now that I think of it, you are in the "show me" state. So I guess you have to be shown your earlier postings. Now go catch a bobcat.

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      • i let a guy trap on me he caught 6 in december, and 8 otters, 6 beavers, and 40 raccoons, I am going to have to have him show me how as I am always battling the beavers and otters on my strip pit either blocking it from getting water or eating the fish. real pests. the otters have just about destroyed my fishing the wildlife service says they will give me a year round permit as long as I don't take furs out of season on the otters. since I can't buy dynamite anymore it is real difficult getting rid of the beaver dams and I don't own a backhoe yet. Yes I have to be shown mostly because I am old and not very capable on a computer. had to call for people instructions on setting up my cable box today, I have read that I can get all tv on my computer but haven't figured out how yet so I can get rid of DISH and save $70 a month.

    • On March 21 at 1:24 A.M. you posted about being eager to go fishing, pick mushrooms and trap bobcats as well as suceeding from the union. Perhaps at 1:24 A.M. you were too sleepy to know what you were doing. It's all on the Yahoo Finance website. Just punch in your name rlbeard6734 and follow it to March 21 at 1:24 A.M. Please don't be so paranoid about your postings. They are not that big of a secret. Let me know that you've found them. Thanks in advance.

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      • if you read the entire line of posts between jan us dealer and me you will see that I am from sw missouri and he is around dallas, I met him over a number of message boards many years ago and we have become acquaintances and most of our conversations are by private email now rather than message boards, we share a lot of ideas and bounce stocks off each other since we have like investment goals, although he tends to be longer term than I and likes possible buyout candidates even if it takes 3 or 4 years . He is more patient than I as I like to trade in and out and hold only 1/3 of my holdings long term. held aapl for 3 yrs and holding cop now for 3 YEARS every other stock in my portfolio is less than 6 months duration now although a couple of those i have LM, HIG and Jazz will probably go for over a year unless they get a quick run up not followed by dividend increases or extremely good news. I am sorry I jumped on you but I really thought that post was a private one and I have had my computer bugged by a CEO from a company I was posting information on a message board about and had solicited over 10% of the stock in 24 hrs to oust him. before i got a cease and desist and someone hacked into all my personal information on my computer I had to debug it change all my passwords etc another poster that was a friend of mine and working with me on ousting him had the same problem. Had to go through interrogatories and fight a lawsuit over that deal over supposedly SEC violations but all he really wanted was who was feeding me information but I was getting it through public records so he didn't find what he wanted.

      • rlbeard6734: I am glad to hear that no one is "bugging you". Posting at 1:24 A.M. must be less than 100% efficient. I myself will try not to post at that hour. I will also refrain from trapping bobcats at that time of night.

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      • they make people lose self esteem, they sit around and become cantankerous because they don't have what others have and don't know how to get there. In the great depression people didn't ask for a meal they asked for a job to earn a meal and people would let them do something they didn't need done so they could keep their respect. we need to get back to that on both sides. the old saying you don't respect what you don't earn or work for. Even some of the rich liberals are getting tired of the high taxes.

      • thank you, my memory was that was an email and not a post, but it was in semi jest because I know it can't happen as much as I would like to see it happen, I don't like peda or anti gun groups that don't have a clue about life, the peda group cares more about an animal than a human being and the anti gun groups are so confused about what causes violence, it is not the guns it is the people that are psychotic from being abused, mistreated and on drugs of all types and haven't learned a good moral foundation. I have been around guns all my life, i have 20 of them fully loaded at my house with 23 grandchildren that all respect them and know not to touch because they are ready to be used. A a gun is useless if disassembled or not loaded. I believe in protecting my possessions and my family and no one had better interfere with that. You may not think a tank of gas is worth someones life but then he better not steal mine because I will under Missouri law shoot him I had 160 gallons stolen 3 times until I called the sheriff and reported that I missed the thief by 10 minutes and sooner or later I would cat=ch him and the sheriff could bring a body bag. funny I haven't had any stolen now for over a year. do you think they knew WHO? they cut locks off gas tanks and gates, now I leave them open. i believe in swift and efficient justice. too many people that have wasted their lives and I don't want them messing up mine. from the other stand point I gave 25% of my income to charity last year. but it was my choice not someone stealing from me. I hire a kid down here to do work that I could do but he needs a job. So while I am set in my ways I can be soft hearted to those that want to help themselves get ahead but not by stealing but working. Our federal systems are traps rather than help aids they are meant to enslave and the new slave owners are the politicians esp the democrats. They set up systems that entrap people into them so they can not afford to work.

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