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  • lucetteo1 lucetteo1 Aug 19, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    problem is


    they are not covering their shorts

    they are working hard to bring it down but if they don't cover it doesn't matter

    someone is going to blink and bring this whole house of cards down

    I'm sure GS is picking up shares while telling their clients to go short

    market manipulation is the only way gs make money, they have ruined millions of lives for their profits

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    • Why can't the market as a whole see that MS actually increased their target on IO? It should be clear to the market that when the price of IO increases by $1, that increases CLF's quarterly profit by $6 million. So when you increase the target price of IO, you really are saying that CLF's earnings will be going up.

    • They didn't cover on the good earnings, improved sector outlook, increased IO prices, China data, and the entire past two run ups in SP etc.
      They are winning, they are in control of the trade and they know it. These positions are the "big money"---WS at their finest and they sure do not worry. On their side of the game they have every sophisticated borderline legal and illegal advantage, including the SEC in their back pocket. When they do cover I am sure it will be quietly--some dark pool share borrowing unreported between institutional trade BS. We simple guys will know when the SP rises and keeps some valuation beyond a half day.

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