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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Dec 5, 2012 9:18 AM Flag

    YESTERDAY.......$5.50 followed by drop to $4.60, or a .90 cent drop was a SHORTS DREAM :-)

    Personally, I'd love to see buyers here take this "TURD" right back up again. Even higher into the 6's would be AWESOME.

    Where is halfbillion man at? Haven't seen him post since I called him out on his idle threats lol. Clearly he's on the wrong side of the trade here.....OUCH lol.


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    • If I were you I would cover today before the dream turns into a nightmare. This stock drives hard both ways.

    • Thanks for the advice on the short at $5.45. Made a bit of money on it today. Think I will keep the short position. What price should I cover? Just learning......

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      • Hopefully you've done some DD here of your own, but if you haven't read the seeking alpha article by Richard Pearson, I encourage you to. I traded CLNT in the past, so when I noted it up 35% the other day on most percentage movers here at yahoo finance, I went short right after a quick read of Richards visit to this companies location in China.

        Richards article rang so true to my previous DD on this company when I traded it in the past. So it was an easy SHORT PLAY when I noted the stock spike 35%. EASY MONEY and in my opinion, this company won't last another year before it's no longer trading on US markets.

        I encourage you to stay SHORT and if for some reason this is back above 5 again, look to add to your short position. Trust me, it's money in the bank.

        I believe as Richard Pearson pointed out, there is FRAUD going on at this company. I've made a killing finding and shorting small China companies that do numerous reverse splits and have extremely questionable auditors reporting their numbers.


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