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  • realdutch01 realdutch01 Jun 25, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

    Alfred Little now a shareholder

    I can't say I'm happy about this development.
    Any thoughts?

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    • Realdutch101, please go buy yourself a clue. First of all, the only reason you even made a post here is because you're upset with JoeNatural on IHUB who keeps bashing SIAF, a true ChiScam whereby you're deep in the hole.

      I don't care what Chinese stock it is .... if Jon Carnes (aka) Alfred Little takes a stake in the company, you buy with both hands, period. What greater validation of a Chinese company is there with Alfred in the stock ? The guy has single-handedly taken down several ChiScams whereby his research and findings led to delisting of the company(s). The last three Chinese companies that Alfred owned ALL went private ..... hint hint. Every Chinese company out there that's legitimate should be trying to reach Alfred for purposes of having him validate their company.

      Alfred's 9.5% stake in CLNT will undoubtedly result in institutional interest and with a tiny float and earnings that are growing, this stock can begin to head towards a fair valuation and I assure you that valuation isn't a P/E of 2.5

      So Realdutch .... grow a brain you buffoon, cut your losses in ChiScam SIAF and buy all the CLNT you can get your hands on. The stock's going much higher as the word of Carnes' stake starts to spread.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I heard that mr Joe natural was a very professional intelligent investor! have you read his articles they are fair and factful. I glad I got in this stock couple days ago. CLNT tech is th tech of tomorrow. They finally get the break that they deserved without bunch of devil lowlife shorts in here. I bet you the shorts willl get out and not come back!! Maybe I should should add to my stake! How much do you think this will go up to? Just wondering. I would have to sell grpn to buy more of this. Cause I am not selling my UNXL till couple of more years at least.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Not happy? The only reason this stock has a 2 p/e instead of a normal 20 p/e is because a bunch of short sellers think it's a scam and the numbers aren't real. was discovered today that one of the most famous uncoverers of China frauds has nearly a 10% stake in CLNT....

      Go back a year and look at his ADY call......$3 to $10

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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