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  • pitl_99 pitl_99 Aug 29, 2002 3:25 PM Flag

    Hi Cesar! GO RAZF GO!!! $10-$15 SOON!!

    To understand what Cesar can do for RAZF:

    Read the stories from Philip Greenspun and Eve Andersson about ArsDigitas:
    From Start-Up to Bust-Up

    Diary of a Start-Up the rise and fall of ArsDigita and lessons from the world of venture capital

    Cesar was working hard and successful for ArsDigital, his crime was that he cared about the company. When he saw ArsDigita executives making poor decisions (or no decisions at all), he tried to explain to them why other paths may be better to take. But they ignored him. They didn't care that Cesar generated millions of dollars for the company!!

    From the new ACS4:
    ...Many ArsDigita employees contributed documentation, criticized the document, and tested every line. Among them were Audrey Mcloghlin, Doug Harris, Zvi Boshernitzan, Michael Yoon, Cesar Brea, Dennis Gregorovic, David Fullagar, and Chris Spears.

    More about Cesar:

    And once more I say RAZF at $10-$15 very soon!!
    Be prepared for good good news!!

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    • HI pitlful/insider....

      you know, if you read (or better yet) understood the articles that you referenced -- you would understand that people like Brea with their 'business development' and addition and encouragement of VCs ... are WHAT KILLED ArsDigitas.

      Interesting that he is bragging about the company that he had a hand in the 'fall of ...'

      • 1 Reply to deathwatch_2002

        Cesar Brea joins Razorfish as SVP Sales and Marketing
        June 14, 2002

        "Razorfish was ESM Partners' first client. I've been working with them on sales and marketing for a couple of months.

        Razorfish designs and builds web applications. The firm's experience and expertise centers principally around IT usability, or the 'user experience' in the broad sense (including what's worth building and how well it performs, in addition to how it looks) to drive adoption and productivity. The firm is currently doing a lot of work on "extended enterprise portals" that tie together all of the different people and applications involved in a given business process. Stay tuned for a white paper on this.

        So ... why does RAZF:SC need a consultant to help them write white papers and articles.

        Maybe they didn't have anyone on staff that understood anything about portals.

        I think that I can afford to 'stay tuned' --- and the quality of Articles 56 and Articles 58 that pitlful referenced ... my god, is that the best work that 4 people can do?

    • U got it!!

      Have U worked for ArsDigitas??
      Pitl Is this U



    • buy a clue