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Razorfish, Inc. (RAZF) Message Board

  • prdigmshft prdigmshft Mar 31, 2000 12:08 PM Flag


    If you believe in this company for fundamentally
    sound reasons, please post them and your

    Us small investors who go up against the MM's and
    market manipulators are really fighting difficult odds.
    With out control we tend to be motivated by fear and
    confusion at times like these. It is important that those
    who believe band together and support this company or
    any company for that matter for the sake of the small
    investor. This is our media. We are not on TV we do not
    have billions in advertising dollars. The internet and
    the message boards are our media for support. Lets
    use it honestly for the sake of all of us who take
    risks with our own money unlike the MM's who use OPMs.

    I regularly post on SCMR, CIEN, RAZF, because I am
    a small investor who risks my own money and would
    like to see these boards used to benefit all of us in
    an honest and profitable way.

    So anyone who
    is seriously knowledgable and has similar beliefs,
    help inform all of us to make wise decisions instead
    of being at the whim of those who move the

    Thank you.

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