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  • manu_le_parisien manu_le_parisien Jul 14, 2008 4:45 PM Flag


    Right wing idiots are funny. First they blamed Obama for comments that his pastor made at a church where he went for 20 years. But they still call him a muslim? How can he goes to that Church for 20 years and be a muslim at the same time? Even if he is, what's wrong being a muslim? We had a fake "new born Christian" in the white house for 8 years and look at what's happening to this Country.

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    • manu, you are one dumb fool. The trinity church worships Luie farrakan who is a muslim, rev god dam america wright went to libya with luie to see kadaffy.
      How many christian churches do that?

      Take your head out of your A$$.

      obama is no american.

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      • Hey Dannoxx, I guess you are one of the 12% of Americans who still think that Obama is a muslim? You are probably one of those uneducated idiots from the South who gets hiw news from the fat drugy idiot named Rush? Oh well, it does not matter since Obama will win without people like you. Most people in this country understand that voting for McCain is voting to have the same failed policies that we had over the past 8 years with that puke oil man from Texas in the white house!!!!

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