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  • participant42 participant42 Apr 24, 2009 3:43 PM Flag

    The awful can a movie get?

    Well, Rogerjames, welcome to the LGF board. Looks like you've must have just established a short position---I mean, to join a board just to bash a film that already had its theatrical run several months ago, but has just had a smashing release on DVD/Blueray at number #1 or number #2--depending on the category--(and, by the way, has received several "reconsidered" newly positive press upon its DVD release), and then to go out of your way to knock a future film that perhaps you have caught some frames of on the web.
    THis, roger, is your *transparent*, pathetic, inept attempt to help your ill-timed and ill-placed short.
    Will you be covering at $5.40 or at $6?

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    • Thanks for the greeting. No shares available to short...ETrade said "take a hike" to my order. I posted because I've been so disappointed with LionsGate movies...The Spirit was the final straw...and I hit the keyboard. I was so excited about the Terra movie, until I saw the trailer and was mortified. No shorting for me, just being a movie critic.

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      • Well, Roger, that you couldn't short today saved you some money, no?
        And, by the way, no matter what you think of *Spirit* or the forthcoming *Terra*, how does one have the balls to short a stock going into a week when Icahn *could* come up with a countermove that, justified or not, could push this stock up a decent percentage?
        That's either courageous (yes, Icahn could always announce he'll be giving up and selling his shares over time), or foolish (Icahn's big ego and bad track record should prompt him to stay in the fight and try to find another strategy for influencing LGF; not to mention that LGF in the present price range is well-priced [if not underpriced] irrespective of Icahn's stated interests or pursuit]).

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