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  • launihubbard launihubbard Feb 27, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

    Any Ideas Why It Is Down?

    Jumped After Hours on Friday, Now Sinking. Any Ideas Why It Is Down?

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    • Normal. The market may pull back here as well. Lot of macro uncertainty (Greece, Europe, Middle East, etc.). Continue to Hold--and Buy during pullbacks---the A-list content creators, such as CBS and LGF. Why? Cutting or slicing the cable/satellite/telco TV cord is a structural trend that drives higher online video viewing. Homes that didn't pay for cable TV grew 23% in 2011 (Nielsen). Broadband + broadcast-only homes spend about half as much time watching TV (122.6 minutes vs. 256.5 minutes per day) as cable subscription households and twice as much time streaming online video (11.2 minutes vs. 5.0 minutes per day). Bottom line: people watch A-list content regardless of the content aggregator or form of transmission. (I'm long both LGF and CBS.)

    • Overbought to hell.
      No one wants to watch your stupid move.

    • I took a little profit; the stock had gone pretty high-- this is normal "securing the profits" and leaving some shares in, in case the stock goes higher ("playing with the House's money" is what Jim Cramer calls it, if you watch his Mad Money show). It's just a breather, because most of us know it is still some weeks away before "Hunger Games" actually opens at theaters. Don't worry, on a stock like this you can take some off the table and then add some back on at lower prices. We will go over $15.00+ when the movie opens in late March. Good luck to you and welcome new trader/investor. I started at your age; it can be scary so be careful and be cautious listening to analysts (they aren't thinking of the general investor - they work for hedge funds - the "Smart Money").

    • normal pullback after strong run up ,dont worry think about it like this .
      we broke record on fandango ,
      we broke dvd record on breaking dawn ,
      we sold tv guide network for summit an have another twilight movie in the wings which is 100% a hit
      hunger games is almost assured success at this point and has a bright future i just saw preview for it and now i want to see it and im hardly their taget audience at 45 .
      i think 18 to 20 this year is no longer out of reach. to those who sight the already strong run up forget if we traded at 45 times earnings befoire all this.
      So is 18 to 20 times earnings really that hard to believe when a twilight tv series is most likely or a retelling of twilight from the point of view of the werewolf. let the shorts have their day .
      I've been here since the punisher movie deal with marvel and lions gate keeps building bridges .
      lgf stock owner and loving it

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      • thanks for explanation. i am new but am trying to learn. appreciate the civility on this board compared to there stock boards.

      • Also agree LG has a lot going for it this next year to justify 18-20 potential.

        Did not seen it mentioned here yet but Summit started shooting "Ender's Game" in New Orleans Friday. There are a lot of us that have been looking forward to seeing that one on film for about a decade. March 2013 release (Harrison Ford as Graff, Asa Butterfield as Ender, Hailee Steinfeld from "True Grit" as Petra). First book in the series.

        And Summit has the rights to "Tempest". Just reading it now and will see if it lives up to the hype. No idea when a movie might be possible.

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