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  • professor4everyone professor4everyone Oct 1, 2012 12:22 PM Flag

    Big Pullback In Gasoline Futures

    Gasoline Futures are substantually DOWN. I don't know what the pump prices will bew near term because I don't know how much gasoline was delivered at the HUGE increases. But after that the price should slump to current levels. But current levels are at RECORD LEVELs for this time of year.

    Gas prices unlikely to fall as fast as oil
    September 26, 2012

    By SANDY SHORE, Associated Press

    Not so fast. That's the message for drivers hoping a recent drop in oil prices will soon show up at the gas station.
    Oil has dropped $9 per barrel, or 9.1 percent, in less than two weeks. Gas prices tend to lag changes in oil, but experts don't expect a significant move lower until the middle of October.
    Oil ended at $89.98 on Wednesday, down $1.39, or 1.5 percent. The national average price for gas was $3.805 per gallon, a record high for this time of year, and up 31 cents from the same date last year.
    Gas prices should be at a record for early October when President Barack Obama debates Republican challenger Mitt Romney next week in Denver. The focus of the debate will be on the economy and domestic policy. High gas prices usually cut into consumer spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of economic activity.
    Gas has remained stubbornly high although economic growth is tepid and demand for gasoline is lower than a year ago. Oil rose about 25 percent from late June through late August. More recently, refinery issues have tightened the supply of gas on both coasts. And there are lingering effects from Hurricane Isaac, which disrupted refineries and imported oil deliveries along the Gulf Coast.
    Prices are at or above $4 per gallon in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York and Washington, according to AAA, Wright Express and the Oil Price Information Service. The lowest prices, which range from $3.546 per gallon to $3.656 per gallon, are in Texas, the lower Midwest and the South.
    It probably will be a few more weeks before supplies build back up in certain markets and lead to a noticeable decline in pump prices, said Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service.
    He predicted that gas would drop into a range between $3.25 per gallon to $3.50 per gallon by Thanksgiving. The highest price voters ever paid while heading to the polls falls in that range: $3.41 on Nov. 8, 2011. In 2008, when Obama defeated John McCain, gas had dropped to $2.41 by Election Day as the economy slid deeper into recession.
    Oil last closed below $90 per barrel on Aug. 2. Wednesday's drop came as protests in Greece and Spain offered visible reminders that Europe still is struggling to resolve its debt crisis. The protests are occurring ahead of spending cuts and tax hikes designed to help those countries control debt. Such austerity measures crimp the need for oil and oil byproducts like gasoline and diesel.
    Brent crude, which is used to price international varieties of oil, fell 41 cents to $110.04 per barrel in London.

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    • I'm not sure what you've been all anxious about. I've been paying $4.06/gal. in So.

      Cal. for over two weeks straight. Gas prices have been much higher in the past

      years without a significant change in movie going. I don't think anyone rational would

      expect anything different in the future as gas prices eventually rise again.

      It seems to me that this post would be better suited on the pages of Chevron or

      Exxon message boards.

      • 1 Reply to lagunadan92677
      • Laguna

        1- The October gasoline futures surged 50 cents last-week. That is HUGE. Futures prices predict, guess what, the FUTURE of PUMP PRICES because entities take delivery of gasoline at those prices when the October futures matured last Friday.

        2- The PUMP prices normally start a decline after Memorial-Day. This time the prices held and are at ALL TIME RECORDS for October 1.

        3- Pump prices have a large effect on consumer discretionary spending (read: the movies and DVD/Bluray sales.)

    • I hope you have a lot of rubber furniture. Sporks would be good, too.

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