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  • lagunadan92677 lagunadan92677 Oct 24, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    OT: Netflix and Apple News/Thoughts...

    Steve Jobs was the creative force behind Apple's success. As far as I know, Steve Jobs developed (or was the creative influence of) the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Now that he's gone, I wonder about Apple's creativity. It seems like they will only produce and upgrade their current products, i.e. iPod gen 15, iPhone gen 10, iPad gen 5, etc
    Apple may do well in the shortterm, but I'm not so sure about the longterm. I've owned it in the past, but have no plans to own it again.

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    • "Steve Jobs was the creative force behind Apple's success."

      The risk in the Apple story is that the company may no longer innovate at the same pace and with the same disruption that characterized the Steve Jobs era. However, the new iPhone, iPads and iPhone events this year certainly diminish this risk for the foreseeable future. Just check how PC sales are doing the past six months. Good luck investing.

    • "Apple may do well in the shortterm, but I'm not so sure about the longterm."

      I'll give you one example of incredible growth found in Apple data. That the iPad is cannibalizing PC sales is no secret. Gartner estimats PC shipments fell 8.3% in 3Q. However, to
      isolate the iPad’s impact on PC sales is difficult because there were other factors contributing to 3Q disappointing shipment number. So let's focus on one market where the impact of the iPad can be quantified: the U.S. education market (Apple provides iPad shipment data in this market). PC shipments in the U.S. education market occur throughout the year, but they’re concentrated in the educational buying season in June and September quarters. Mac shipments in the education market during the education-buying season have held relatively steady over the past three years despite the introduction of the iPad. In 2Q12, they fell just 0.1%. This suggests the iPad has NOT materially cannibalized Mac sales in this market. But it’s a different story for non-Mac PCs: Non-Mac PC shipments FELL 19% year over year in 2Q12 in the educational market. This is an area of exceptional growth for Apple now and in the future. Good luck investing.

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