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  • I've always assumed that AAPL was going for "a la carte" regarding the iTV. I pretty much have that with my two Tivos. I can watch what I want, and when I want, on either T.V. and can even watch on my computer. Many shows are also available free online.

    Cost will be a major factor. Will consumers flock to, let's say, a $2000 television the same as they did to a $250 iPod? (Smaller iPods cost less.) Also, what would the monthly service charge be?

    How will AAPL be able to offer ALL T.V. shows? Dexter & Homeland are on Showtime, Boardwalk Empire & Game Of Thrones are on HBO, The Walking Dead & Mad Men are on AMC, and so on. Can AAPL reach an agreement with all content providers? I'm not so sure this is possible.

    IMO, AAPL is now a speculative stock. Those who want to speculate may make money. They might lose also. Steve Jobs was a genius and a visionary and was the creative force behind AAPL. Now he is gone. Forget about today's sales of iPhones and iPads. Think longterm and about future sales and competition. Will AAPL always land on top? Doubtful.

    Just some thoughts late at night....

    • The studios like more competition bidding for their content. That's what exists now. Why in all heaven would they consider a model that could change that? Never!! It's a non-starter.

      AAPL will change its business model and acquire a pure content provider. There is no way Cook would ever say that even if its true. If you wanted to buy all the land in a specific area would you warn the landowners or buy each parcel under a different name?

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