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  • cane5 May 24, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    A year ago this stock was 13 dollars

    I remember looking at content plays and seeing this little gem . What a no brainer this was only regret was not riding more shares through this ride that has seen this stock double since then. Few if any at that time accept a few here on the board saw the obvious areas this company was i to make it a strong play in the very importantneed for content Lionsgate provided. And that need just goes stronger and this company remains in the sweetspot to grow it's many revenue streams and product segments going forward. Congrats to you longs that had the vision.

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    • may 24 2012 12.95
      may 24 2013 28.06 have a great
      weekend :)

    • I started trading LGF around 16, shortly after HG came out. Been very happy with LGF performance. Only wish I had more monies to throw at it, lol. LGF has had a healthy steady increase lately, but this stock is going to skyrocket this summer with the HG hype. Can't wait to be rolling in the dough.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I swing trade other content related companies, but only hold LGF long term. I have been watching SYNC for is volatile. Also, interesting to note...I bought Mattel (MAT) as a Hunger Games play when they had Katniss Barbie dolls...they have returned 35% in a year---sadly I did not hold long enough to get that. ROVI looks interesting with partnership with is one to watch and learn about, although I have not dedicated any research time to it is just on my watch list.

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      • cane5 May 24, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

        ROVI looks interesting I will do DD and get back to you. Away from content, Organic is in play with WFM about to split. I know something about this area. Boulder Brands BDBD looks promising as they have bought UDI's big gluten free products.HAIN is the elephant in the room aside from WFM and WWAV is the big leader in Dairy...big retailers are getting on board. Very few Company's in this area have gone they are at a premium.

        Sync unfortunately has not managed the prospects they have very well. I am out of that and traded it for profit. I like a company called Mitek.(MITK) Also( DSNY) has potential if their Clipstream G2 video player with watermarking patents. Movie studios and content providers like netflix are going away from flash and adopting HTML5 DSNY could be a big winner here. . Compelling situation.

    • Welcome back Cane! I remember you posting in the summer of last year. What a difference in the stock price now! Good luck.

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