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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Dec 6, 2013 3:14 AM Flag

    Michael Burns is THE MAN!

    He is so cool under pressure, really knows how to play it modest and humble. Wish all of Lionsgates executives were like him and the stock would be double the price. The ONLY bad thing he didn't do was announce firing of current director of Hunger Games series, this director should NOT be directing the final two films but rather GARY ROSS should be bringing full circle his initial vision and heart and soul he infused. Not it's all just ethnical wizardry with no real feeling. PLEASE MICHAEL BURNS help us shareholders! We have nothing but short sellers because of this horrible director.

    I went to see movie again tonight as ALL SHAREHOLDERS SHOULD BE DOING, seeing the move and paying for the night time shows (NOT MATINEES) but full dollars at least THREE TIMES to contribute to our business of shares we own! But here's the SAME problem I keep seeing, the KIDS do NOT like this movie. They like some of the fun action parts but the few people in the theater (audience members really falling off fast, theater was mostly empty) but for good portion of movie anyone 16 or 17 and under were playing games on their smart phones for the first hour of the movie, they don't care about love triangles and ones that especially are forced, fake and not real. They don't want deep emotional drama. They want death, violence, torture, seeing Katniss really messing people up etc. THIS IS A MOVIE FOR YOUNG ADULTS NOT ADULTS!!!!!! What part of this do Lionsgate executives and this director don't understand!????

    And yet AGAIN to my total surprise I heard ANOTHER COMMENT of why are they trying to make this feel like Breaking Bad and I've never seen that show but I hear comments that ending is a copycat of BREAKING BAD SHOW. What is that???? YOU DON'T DO THAT WITH A POTENTIAL HUGE FRANCHISE!!!!!

    If Michael Burns was running this studio the stock would be over 40 by now. I can't imagine someone as intelligent as him would not see the difference between ROSS and current director.

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    • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Dec 6, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

      Current director has technical skills and though he still couldn't even stay in budget and on schedule at least the rumor is that because he was watching too many BREAKING BAD TV SHOWS WHEN MAKING MOVIE - COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL) but he can get the job done create exciting visuals etc (most people can with that kind of technical wizardry of a crew and 140 million dollars) but what he doesn't have is TRUE HEART AND SOUL LIKE GARY ROSS. THE LACK OF THAT IS KILLING THIS FRANCHISE. ONE DIRECTOR. ONE MAN. DESTROYING ALL SHAREHOLDERS WEALTH BECAUSE OF HIS COLDNESS AND TRICKERY and whenever he tried to do something in movie it felt FORCED and everyone, well the few this time in theater, FELT IT and heard the groans and moans and again people leave theater like #$%$???????? Could have seen this on television!

      The ONLY mistake Michael Burns made on CNBC today during his brilliant damage control was lack of announcing WE ARE BRINING BACK GARY ROSS FOR MOCKING JAY MOVIES AND GETTING RID OF THE CURRENT DIRECTOR. I guarantee the stock would rise back to new highs immediately. Maybe they will make this announcement next week, AS IN FIRST THING MONDAY and save us shareholders and bring audiences around the world back to hysteria and extreme joy and excitement!

      Dividend? No thanks, stock just goes down what dividend is and will cause a downward momentum, stock is just waiting for some foolish move like that to dive. Stock buy back???? PLEASE NO!!!!!!! That money needs to be put to much better use, for example say GETTING GARY ROSS BACK FOR MOCKING JAY ONE AND TWO AND SEE METEORIC STOCK RISE AND BRILLIANT FINAL TWO MOVIES!???? I have no faith in Divergent because they NEED TO STOP RELYING ON BOOKS TO BE MOVIES. THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE MEDIUMS!!!!!!! IT worked with JAWS, it worked with the SHINING even though Kubrick #$%$ off Stephen King and made it totally different from the book, but you see, THAT WORKED! AS WAS THE CASE WITH JAWS!!! THIS LUNACY NOW WITH HG MUST STOP!!!

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      • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Dec 6, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

        So to conclude, we don"t need a dividend just to see stock drop more, we are alredy in deep u#$#*$^&# with stock spiraling lower along with truth of horrendous underlying nature of cf.

        we do not want a buy back and waste that money to try and prop up stock!! No no no!!!!! It will be a short lived pop then total disaster.

        what we do need is take that money for buy back and offer it to gary ross, whatever it takes to bring him back for two final mocking jay movies, fire this current director and i guarantee you stock will see meteoric rise. If they keep current director we will sadly crash bad because no one like this director or the movie. They think it's a more expensive remake of gary ross"s original vision. Give gary ross that kind of budget and watch the real emotions re emerge to new heights and bring back hysteria and excitement of first hunger games but much bigger with bigger budget and technical wizadry, but this time with gary ross, real vision, heart and soul and audiences will quadruple what they have been. They cut gary ross short and it will prove to be a big mistake!!! Why can't they see this???? They are supposed to understand filmmakers, what gives!?????????? it's like one plus one equals two.

        current director equals stock plummet. Gary ross equals meteoric stock rise. If you don"t believe me, just watch and learn for yourself. One way or the other. I'm scared and i'm crying there are way too many short sharks circling this hoping lionsgate executives are stupid enough to keep current director of mockingjay movies and if they keep him i"m sorry to say i believe they will short most of the shares till we are near zero and lionsgate will let this happen over one stupid director??? Get him out of there, as far away from lionsgate as possible!!!!! please listen to me!!! Someone with brains and heart and soul who gets filmmaking!!!!!!!!!!! come on lionsgate!!!! I'm still hoping for run up to 31.40 to 31.50. But if current d stays it's over!!!

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