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  • cslfgs cslfgs Dec 12, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    It's game over for you shorts! Longs taking back control!

    Us long shareholders have had enough of this sell off and we're buying large today so shorts get out of our way or you will get burned. Time for shorts to lose all the money they thought they made!!!

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    • LOL! That's funny. Haven't you learned by now any uptick or up day in this stock is a selling opportunity? Like I've been saying since the high 36's? And I told you again at 33, 32, 32, 30 that ever uptick was a a chance to get out. There will come a time when there are no more chances to get out. So be careful with all this buying you and all these longs are talking about. But of course, his is just my own humble little opinion ;) I'm just the village idiot, that's all, right retiredarmyjoe? ;)

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      • I wish I listened. I thought you really were the village idiot as retiredarmyjoe kept calling you while he encouraged people to keep buying in the 30's. You were the only person on here that was right this entire time and I listened to all the longs irrational thinking. I'm afraid there are no more catalysts to keep this from plunging unless they are bought out but who would want to buy them out until they make some good movies? What is their content really worth? No one cares nor want to watch Twilight anymore. Hunger games is a dying fad which has now been cannibalized by Divergent. And what content from Lionsgat does anyone want to pay money to see again. The fad franchise attempt is over. I am very scared this is going to teens and lower unless they have something up their sleeve.

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