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  • lawguy96 lawguy96 Apr 21, 2014 1:54 PM Flag

    Mary, Mother of Christ

    There has not been much talk of this Lionsgate movie, but with the money being made on faith based films this could turn out to be quite profitable. Does anyone know if it is still set for release this year?

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    • I believe I read that this film is pushed into 2015. There are some legal issues tying it up. I believe the movie was purchased from some Latinos that had extortion issues.

      In 2006, the script for "Mary, Mother of Christ" was obtained by Mexican businessmen Arturo Madrigal and Mauricio Sanchez Garza and resold to Aloe Entertainment for nearly a million dollars with a clause for an additional 15 percent of the total profits of the film.

      However, prosecutors say that Sanchez, along with business partner Jorge Vazquez Sanchez, extorted Madrigal out of his share of the profits from the sale of the script by threatening and kidnapping his brother.

      In May, Vazquez reportedly admitted to his involvement in the extortion plot and entered a plea deal agreeing to hand over his 10 percent of future profits for the film to the federal government, according to the Houston Chronicle.

    • I wish some studio would come out with a good comedy for practicing atheists like myself and 20% of the America. This fairy tale stuff is getting ridiculous.

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      • 20% seems high! unless you include religiously un-affiliated in that number. Regardless, there was Bill Maher's Religulous in 2008, and it did 13+M with almost 700 thousand being foreign. Ran for almost 3 months, but stopped running short of Christmas (surprise, surprise)

        The issue may be, and I am just surmising here, that few are really hard-core atheists, and most people just ignore the issue of God. They work, play, have families, etc. Easier to ignore than to really investigate, or care about spirituality, religion, or faith. If in the back of their minds that think their might be a God, then going to see a film mocking Him may not be very high on their list of things to do in this life.

        Disclaimer: I was an avid atheist until the age of 48, but for the last ten years have been a Born Again Christian. There is most definitely a God, but do not take my word for it, just ask Him. He will respond to a sincere humble request. It is your call.

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      • you have saw

      • I'm concerned about the money not the message. My fear is that the movie will be set to rake in the cash and one of the stars will say something really offensive to the target audience and the movie will underperform.

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