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  • nanoplayer nanoplayer Sep 11, 2003 6:31 PM Flag

    The next FLML????

    Article i found on Nanotechnology which includes FLML. Check it out.


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    • tell me they find another FLML or JCOM from $1-2 zone.

    • FLML has tripled from the time of that article
      JMAR moved almost 50%
      NANX, NGEN, TINY, & WEDX all are up 10%-30%.
      There are lots of reasons why I chose FLML and not these...and I looked at all of them in the spring when the article was published.

      Anyone know anything new about any of these that is worth looking into again?

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      • "We are very pleased to have Genentech as a partner for our Hedgehog-targeted cancer drug candidates. Genentech is a leading developer of specifically targeted cancer therapeutics, as their recent clinical success with Avastin has demonstrated and, therefore, is an excellent match with Curis' cancer drug candidates. Curis was in the fortunate position to be able to evaluate several alternatives among different companies and partnership structures. We believe that this agreement will provide the fastest clinical path forward for Curis' cancer drug candidates."

        - Daniel Passeri, Curis' President and Chief Executive Officer

        Is the Hedgehog Pathway the On/Off switch?

        What excites me about Curis and the hedgehog is the utter diverse potential for the applications of hedgehog signaling control. It appears that Hedgehog can support cell growth OR inhibit cell growth. This is why hedgehog could be used to both grow hair and retard hair growth. This alone has a huge cosmetic/therapeutic potential. Which market is actually bigger, (eliminating unwanted hair or promoting hair growth) I have not really studied at this point, but having a potential therapeutic solution to both is not to be dismissed lightly.

        In the deal with Genentech, Curis retained a co-development option for the fields of basal cell carcinoma and hair growth prevention in the U.S. market. Curis and Genentech would co-fund program development and share a percentage of the operating profit.

        A further example of the potential is found in this Curis press release quote from Dr. Lee Rubin, Chief Scientific Officer of Curis.

        "...Curis has recently developed drug-like small molecules that can either turn the Hedgehog pathway on or off. This strongly positions Curis in terms of developing drug candidates for disorders where one would want either to promote new blood vessel development, as in certain cardiovascular diseases, or where one would want to halt inappropriate blood vessel development, such as for macular degeneration or certain forms of cancer."

        This �on or off� feature of the Hedgehog pathway is potentially a revolution in several treatment areas.

        Under the Radar

        Curis currently has limited institutional holdings. The stock is under the radar as it is in early stages of development. However, that status is good for getting in early in my view. With so many potential treatment areas for the hedgehog pathway, it is a matter of time before this stock has a marketable and novel therapy. Recently Curis announced a private funding which had a dilution on the stock. While the limited dilution is true, the investment is not only a vote of confidence for the company, it enables Curis to have a stronger financial position to negotiate future licenses. Already powerful and diverse companies are seeking out Curis because of the diverse treatment areas of hedgehog. All it takes is one success, in my opinion there will be several.

      • I'm not pumping this stock but I do believe it is close to the same business model as FLML.
        It comes from Rick Currin, a paid reseach site so I hope am not breaking any copy right laws by passing this on.

        Curis (CRIS)
        �The ability to selectively kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact represents the next generation of cancer treatments that are in development," �..

        �We believe that methods of inhibiting the Hedgehog signaling pathway represents a significant addition to this new therapeutic approach in cancer treatment."

        Dr. Lee Rubin, CURIS' Chief Scientific Officer.

        Curis on April 23, 2003 had a press release announcing the issuance of a very specific �hedgehog� patent. That certainly speaks to this small company�s newfound focus to license its discoveries. After learning more about this little company who, like many small biotechs, is yet to turn a profit, I decided the hedgehog if proven out in development is perhaps the most exiting news I�d ever read and understood well enough to invest in biotech.

        In laymen�s terms many cancers need A+B+C+D for a spread of cancer. For example in skin cancer, A may be a genetic pre-disposition, while B is the overexposure to UV rays. Hedgehog turns the triggering C off to break the chain. Even I could understand the principle if not all the research reports. Hedgehog has preclinical implications in hair re-growth, skin cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, Parkinson�s �and only time will tell at this early stage.

        Curis has adopted licensing their patent portfolio with milestone payments for collaborative research and royalties on product. A further look reveals Curis has corporate partnerships with Ortho Biotech (Johnson & Johnson) for kidney disease and stroke, Amylin Pharmaceuticals for obesity and ES Cell International for diabetes. That is targeting some pretty broad therapeutic markets with huge treatment costs. What in the world addresses lifelong kidney dialysis, lifelong insulin therapy and the collateral complications of diabetes, the most common health problem in America (obesity), the most common form of cancer (skin cancer), and hair loss. A success in any one of these world mean huge profitability for Curis.

        A little more than a month after the patent announcement on hedgehog, (and the day after another patent announcement) Curis lands a partnership with Genentech for oncology. (cancer) Curis gets cash, (what every profitless biotech needs), Genentech stock (which may be even better) AND Curis would receive royalties for Genentech cancer therapy commercialization resulting from the collaboration �just south of double digits�. I was once again happy to hear a CNBC reporter babble on about something they had no clue what they were saying as the joked about the �Sonic hedgehog� video game.

        The Genentech Deal has Huge Potential

        Genentech is licensing Curis' small-molecule and antibody inhibitors of the Hedgehog signaling pathway for use in cancer. Genentech has committed funding of $12.5 million. Genentech will pay a license fee of $8.5 million. $5 million in cash and another $3.5 million in Genentech Stock � Curis will also receive $2 million a year for two years. Development and milestones reveal that the Genentech deal has a $240 million potential. Also, Curis would receive royalties, in Curis� words "south of double digits� on cancer drugs developed.

        Genentech has gotten a lot of attention for the limited success they have shown in extending the life of colon cancer patients with their new drug Avastin. The deal with Curis is aimed directly at improving the ability to retard unwanted cell growth and promote healthy cell growth that is the fundamental of the Hedgehog pathway. It is similar to Avastin treatment in that regard. Note this statement found in Curis� Press release on the licensing deal with Genentech.

      • I have been doing some research (don't own yet) on CRIS. So far, I like what I see.


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