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  • c_sun_rise c_sun_rise Sep 18, 2009 12:22 PM Flag

    Noticed Poof and Teflon are posting regularly now, wonder why?

    They're both back in full force to discourage people to from investing. Agenda written all over it. Any NORMAL person would not waste their time posting about a Chap 11 company they have no interest in. Just my 2 cents. Go ahead now poof start your reply with the word "csunrisemoron", I won't be reading it though. I've read enough BS from you and your sidekicks in the past. I wonder if the Fed's will go after Poof and Tef for stock manipulation. LOL



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    • Do you people (longs) not wonder why Poop_ipo and Tef are making time to post lengthy aeguments stating company has no value for commons?

      They claim that they have no financial interest in this stock, yeah right. AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA written all over their posts. How many normal people would spend a great deal of time posting about a company they have no interest in?

      People do your own DD and trust yourself more than others on these MB's.

      Just imagine how many people sold around .01 listening to Poop/Tef and sidekicks.

      They are very creative, be careful.


    • Tag team Tef/Poop, I can't & don't wish to read your reply because you're on IGNORE you thick headed baboon! LOL

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      • poof and tef were here better than a couple a years ago, whenever this piece of shyte started going tits up. so.....htat means they been doin the hang for a long long time
        they used to know quite a bit about this stock.
        i invested prior to bk and of course was flushed. no big deal. i just type the name in to see what would happen and SOB it's still
        here and has a value of greater than a penny.
        i sold all my shyte at i think less.

    • Goof_poo, I Can't & don't wish to read your reply because you're on IGNORE you thick headed baboon! LOL

    • Just to set the record straight...I don't believe I have ever instructed someone to seel or buy...I have however, pointed out the faults or contridictions in the reasons or logic they employ.

      And what the Feds would want with me, or Poof (who seemingly does the same), lord knows. I have no position in this security.

      See, it's the really wrong, actually stupid comments like that which require a response.

    • I was wondering the same thing- I only check-in once a month- but these two spend a fair amount of time here - has to be a reason- most of the people from the past are gone and the action is minimal- so you must be right