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  • Daniel_Raider Daniel_Raider Jul 7, 2003 6:07 PM Flag

    How to Find an Ex-dividend Date

    Dear Mr. White:

    Sorry, all I can do is provide some information, not file a brief for it. My understanding is that the so-called "Daily List" is the definitive reference for ex-dividend dates, and that the issuer itself has nothing to do with it, as all the issuer does is set the record date and the payment date. (Again, no warranty.) I understand why you're unhappy over this issue (have been there myself), but I do think that you're being much too hard on Mike Ulrich. The following is directly from the NASDAQTrader site:

    "The Daily List Search provides access to information from all of the Daily Lists. NASDAQ� equity and mutual fund information is as of December 7, 1998. Market participant information is as of April 8, 1999 and dividend information is as of May 24, 1999.

    "For the Name/Symbol Search , select the desired search options and enter in a name or symbol of a NASDAQ or mutual fund, money market fund or market participant . You will retrieve a list of links to the historical changes for the selected search criteria.

    "For the Date/Range Search , select a date range and desired search options. For example, enter in the dates 4/30/1999 to 5/24/1999 and select Mutual Funds and Additions/Deletions. The search results will include all mutual fund additions/deletions from April 30, 1999 to May 24, 1999.

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