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  • ssandog ssandog Nov 16, 2010 10:47 AM Flag

    Last 3 western ok oil wells


    this play is looking huge....IP rates of 379, 824 and 132 bopd on the last 3 wells.

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    • keep these on top while I'm away ! just ditto them. Institutional player will run this up after Thanksgiving break !!

    • Wells 100% Rate of RETURN, $ 12 Target in 3 Months , 5-Nov-10 09:38 am $ 12 target , $ Idiot analyst ask why borrowing at 7% and drilling wells,,,, answer 100% rate of return ...

    • e: we are producing over 5k barrels a day from Miss, 17-Nov-10 07:57 am

      They updated the production profiles for all the wells. Declines etc. Compare the chart to the previous presentation. Thesewells are looking better and better. At this rate I don't see how we are not at 25k to 35k boepd at the end of 11...10k bopd plus. I have been saying the whole time that this play is NOT factored in guidance. Think of the upside. You heard it here first. I was talking about the potential of this play back in aug before any press I am telling you this is not in the 11.2mm bbls of 2011 guidance. Fairfax knows this and so do I. WI doesn't...he is too ignorant to change his mind.

    • Did they change the presentation p. 16 to BOEPD from BOPD?

    • Last 10 Wells show peak avg of 382 boepd with 57% Oil, SD is getting the fracking figured out, and these numbers should improve. Should have at least 150 wells completed by yr end 2011. Decline a bit hard to determine but looks good. What does horizontal performance using 1.5B factor on slide 15 mean?
      I’m figuring exit 2011 flowing 37,500 BOEPD out of Mississipian with 57% Oil = 21,375 BOD. I’d like to see a breakdown on mcf production. SD plays games with NG equivalency numbers and ratios. Nonetheless, the Oil is there and it looks good!

    • ...hmmm, how did that go? ...something like...let me tell you a story bout a man named Jed! LOL!
      On a more serious note, not only is the future looking brighter with each new well drilled, SOMEONE seems to be accumulating this stock at the close. No, not after the close, at the close.
      Further, remember this is the season for profit taking and tax selling those down stocks. Of course the media won't say a word until the storm has blown by when they suddenyl announce it looks like tax selling is over! LOL !

    • there is a particular trend to the "good" wells. They also had an 800 BOE well in late August.

      I wonder where the tipping point comes for Ward to shift focus from the CBP to Oklahoma and/or put additional focus on deeper Fusselman wells.

    • Ward has finally convinced the analysts that he cant make any money. Now analysts give SD -0.06 for this quarter and -0.02 for next quarter. A stock is not going to go up with negative earnings projections. Not good my fellow longs.

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      • Even God doesn't trust ANALysts!
        Look, WARD and SD are being punished because they have been spending alot of money. Well, some industries take years to assimilate a merger, SD will take less than a year...w/Arena etc.
        ANALysts have been burned! SD is a SHOW ME STOCK now and will be for a few quarters. The good news is this, when SD starts showing some good numbers the ANALysts will fall in line.
        ANALysts never step into the cucumber patch until the all clear has been given and they don't have to worry about slipping onto a veggie!
        Take today as a nice message. Not sure what it means but in this very DOWN market with DOWN oil...this stock closed up!

    • Looks good.

      If anyone wants a link to the latest presentation:

      11/16 presentation, Mississippian well numbers are pg. 16.

      S-dog, do you know how these boepd #'s in the mississippian compare to say the permian or typical #'s that other companies are seeing in other north american fields?

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      • It is a bit early in the Mississppian to know what the avg initial rates are going to be and like any other plays, there will be areas where the rates will be much higher than other areas in the play. But if the average rate starts to look like it could be around 450 bopd, that would compete with some of median bakken areas.

        The Bakken in North Dakota, Montana and Canada is probably the hotest onshore oil play that I am aware of right now and I would guess in the better areas of this play the average well would be in the 2,200 to 2,500 BOE per day range. In this area, they have at least two major formations that they can produce out of as well. The cost to drill one of these Bakken wells is around $10-12 million compared to $2.5 million in this Mississippian play.

        Then you have companies like Hes that are not drilling in the core areas of the Bakken but are drilling more in the mid range Bakken area. HEs is averaging $11 million per well drilling costs and their average IP rate is 450 barrels per day. HES is spending 4 to 6 billion dollars over the next 3 to 4 years with plans to get top production out of this play up around 80,000 barrels per day. Currently their production is around 19K per day from the Bakken.

      • Last 3 wells look good

        I have to agree

        But when any body is going to upbid the stock?

        We see these numbers
        So does every body else in the world who got loot to burn.

    • kirbydecker Nov 16, 2010 11:22 AM Flag

      LOOK AT PAGE 16

      They just did 3 wells as you said, and, TEN (10) are completing NOW ! {{ wells # 25 through 34 ]]

      I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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