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  • wjc900 wjc900 Jan 6, 2011 8:13 AM Flag

    Today and beyond

    very well said, that is exactly what was done the last two days. News could of been leaked.

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    • I also want to say something in regards to a Bear Raid etc.. This news is notwhat I call a Binary Event.. It is not something that will rocket the PPS up or down several $$$

      What I mean by that is this.. Lets look at MNKD it is due for a FDA Ruling sometime in the next three weeks in regards to their Afrezza an new way to take Insulin for Diabetics.

      If the drug is approved the Stock PPS could go from the current $8.38 to $15 almost over night.. If the drug is not approved the PPS could just as easily drop all to $3.50.

      Some are hyping others bashing MNKD.. Lots of $$$ are on the line.. The FDA Ruling will make or break some all depends what side of the trade your on..

      In regards to SD.. This news is in my opinion is not the kind of news that moves the PPS several $$$ all at once.. It should & could move thePPS up $1-$2 over the next month.. That will and could lead to a nice increase in the PPS as smart shorts cover etc..

      Still the shorts will do what they can to try and get into you head etc that this is not a good deal for SD etc.. This is like placing a bet on Management to do what they feel is best to increase shareholder value etc..

      I also feel there will be a time when the PPS goes up to far to fast and a smart savy trader can make some decent $$$ going both long or short..

      I have no problem with someone going short etc.. I just do not like how some over hype or bash a stock just to put your money in their pocket etc..

      For now I will let the market tell me what to do with my SD Call Options..Again all MOO & GLTA FFB-Fish