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  • omegaedghill omegaedghill Jun 8, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    Should You Join Chesapeake's Circus?

    The headline "Should You Join Chesapeake's Circus?" about SD is a bit misleading I think...

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    • Not really. Tom and Aubrey are cut from the same cloth and milk the company for their own benefit in the same sleezy ways....only exception - Tom does not own a map collection.

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      • yes they have some common issues, but there are a few significant diffs.

        1. In 2008\2009 Tom did not incur a massive margin call like aubrey

        2. As you mentioned he did not sell maps, or similar to fix his personal financial issues.

        3. Tom started moving to more oily plays in 2008\2009, where as aubrey just started moving to more oily plays.

        4. Tom has already monetized enough for 2012 capex, per their stated 3 year plan, and is trimming up for the benefit of 2013 without pressure. Chk is monetizing assets just to keep alive a reasonable 2012 capex.

        5. SD killed the Founders program a long time ago, while CHK kept it till now. That was the start of the raid on chk.

        6. CHK has been the target of a corporate raid, while SD has not.

        Biggest issue I have with Tom is I think he should defer most of his compensation until his 3 year plan works and SD becomes positive cash flow with Capex being 100% funded with cash flow.