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  • stock_fanthom stock_fanthom Jun 13, 2012 4:55 PM Flag

    Wow! 6.00 is an opportunity IMHO!

    LOL ... you are going to stick around 12 months for a 2.00 increase?
    Are you serious?

    It was over 8.00 just 5 weeks ago.
    If it remains at this level another couple of weeks I am backing up the truck and good luck to yall.

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    • I will likewise be backing up the truck... .
      I have said it before and I will say it again and all IMHO of course but SD continues to EAT or get eaten! Bought out!
      Its all about the assets in the ground and Ward is slowly converting assets into revenues as he ramps up production rates.
      SD is under loved, ignored, hated, but Wall Street will be back! The good news is that by the time Wall Street is convinced, SD will be back over its 8 range...and on its way to a triple.
      I see SD doing a triple from the 6 range over the next 24 months after some serious economic soul searching around the world which will spur growth like never before! Which of course, means massive ENERGY demands that will stay around for decades!
      All IMHO of course!