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  • inou32 inou32 Aug 6, 2012 4:45 PM Flag

    chk selling 7 billion in assets in permian

    We didnt buy anything did we? You got to ask. lol

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    • SD reported .07,chk reported .06,sd will keep land to maximize profits,chk sells land at givaway prices.SD pps price falls, chk price rises.Wall street has no idea on how to value a company going foward.

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      • You think its that simple? CHK is a massive producer, with much larger scale. CHK got hit extremely hard by the lower gas prices in the 2nd quarter. Their shift has just begun, they now have 21% of production from liquids (13% oil, 8% NGL). They are moving quickly to a more balanced producer, furiously producing more liquids YoY and sequentially.

        They also have the best overall acreage portfolio of any domestic oil and gas co. Tremendous Eagle Ford wells, very good Utica, Miss Lime and Marcellus wells, not to mention the small Hogshooter play....those wells are amazing.

        I'm in CHK and SD, both have their positives and negatives. I think most CHK investors were concerned about the permian sale, however this news today alleviates much of our concern. We were also concerned with our Board, which has been revamped and our CEO will now be kept in check.

        Given today's news, I think there may actually be more upside in CHK than SD. However, I don't compare, I want both to succeed as I hold shares of both companies.

    • What would you rather have sd which makes money because of oil sales or chk that makes money by asset sales. Remember we still have the assets sales in our back pocket if needed later! I would rather have sd.