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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Dec 10, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    3 lawsuits ???

    All 3 supposedly "representing shareholders" on the same grounds ??? Seems to me that's a bit redundant ...... Wouldn't a court say - "Too late fellas , we've already got two lawsuits pending" ???? Frankly , after ONE lawsuit is filed the case should be deemed acknowledged by the courts I would think ...... What , you get three shots at it ????? If at first you don't succeed ?????? How many lawsuits are allowed on the SAME ISSUE DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD ????????? 20 ???? 50 ????? 5,000 ??????? I don't get it ...... The Plaintiffs would be the same in all 3 suits since they are class-actions ...... well , never under-estimate the power of judiciary to suck money from people I guess

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    • correction - Make that FIVE effing lawsuits now (just read two more) #$%$ ?????? How the F do you have 5 lawsuits involving the same #$%$ plaintiffs and issues ????? This Country's #$%$ never ceases to amaze me ....... Let's say you're suing someone responsible for an accident where you suffered damages , can you hire 10 firms to try the case 10 times ????? This makes no effing sense at all to me ...... I need to call my lawyer friend , this is too weird , feels like a bogus scare tactic to me ....... see , you can "file" all the lawsuits you want , and it will hit the "newswire" ..... Doesn't mean any of them actually get past the clerks office ...... Oh those GS boys are sneaky little shts

    • This may force a re-organization or merger. I would not care if they just were after TW & BOD, but I think SD is the target, which will only hurt the shareholders. The F'n vultures!