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  • arnoldshwartzinpig arnoldshwartzinpig Jan 23, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    funny....PE over 800.....joke right?

    TW is an #$%$-clown'. Only the stupid buy this stock on current face value.

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    • I find different sites / pages have different numbers ..... basically yahoo has ttm earnings at 1 cent and a pps of 7.30 ........( technically should be PE 730 I would think )....... That "one cent" earnings highly skews a PE ......... if earnings were just a penny more "2 cents" , then the PE would be cut in half to 365 ..... I noticed that insane looking PE a while back and got the "yahoo didn't account the permian cash" response too ...... Scottrrade has ttm earnings at a 50 cent loss ( - 0.50 ) ....... Yet the individual quarters are all in the positive !!!!!!....... + 2 , 4 , 7 , 5 cents respectively (go figgur) ....... Suffice to say , different sites come up with different calculations , and it's all pretty much an accounting opinion I suppose ....... How else do you get completely different numbers from different sites ?????? Not even close to each other , not even in the same ballpark ........ bunch o bullllllsheeeeettttttttt .......... I would say go to the SD site for the real numbers , but then again , considering current events , that might be a load of bull too !!!!! LOL ........ As a disclaimer , I'm pretty good at math , but I am no accountant that's for sure ..... and I can't figure out how different sites come up with different numbers ....... I would think calculating ttm earnings shouldn't be too hard ....... lemme see , 2 + 4 + 7 + 5 = 18 cents ttm earnings ..... 7.30 pps divided by 18 cents = ttm P/E of 40 ..................

    • The actual P/E is approximately 45.25; that is with the current price of 7.24, and assuming they hit their estimate of 16 cents a share come the end of feburary when they announce. Which may I had is still quite expensive.

    • Only the stupid believe the PE is actually over 800. Us real investors have done our homework and do not need to rely on false yahoo statistics to provide us with information. The reason yahoo has the P/E wrong is because they have taken out the earnings from the sale of the Permian without taking into account the cash received. The only joke is you believing the P/E is actually 800. The P/E is below 10.

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