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  • alcarmen Feb 1, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Market cap in the billions people.

    Who cares about Tom. Who cares about TPG. Seriously! Know that the spotlight is on Tom, he and the board will continue to build out the company and become a goliath. Tom is a genious. He built Chesapeake. Give the guy a break. I'm just happy that I am able to own this stock under 7 bucks. Wait till it hits 8. Take some off the table, then wait til it breaks 10. Enough of the immature bashing. When you can operate at the level of Tom Ward, then you can bash him. Enough. Share positive news and perspectives that help other investors feel comfortable, not confused and scared. Those who bash Tom are worse than him. eom......

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    • I agree...we need to support TW and the management at these tough times. If the company goes to bankrupcy we will end up with nothing. TW knows what he's doing

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      • Stock price will tank if it's announced that TW and his board of cronies is staying. think of what happened to CHK stock when it was announced that Aubrey was leaving - only in reverse for SD. The only person taking SD to BK is Tom Ward.

      • The longer current management stays in the closer we WILL come to a BANKRUPTCY... We are not going to go bankrupt unless we hit a ton of dry holes and management continues to draw huge salaries and frivolously throw good money at PERKS and sponsorships of NBA teams! Time to tighten the PURSE strings and add value to SD or most here will SELL out and move along!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • completely oppose. tom ward may have built this company but into what. it's fine if you go out and build a private company, but when you build a publicly traded company it's a whole different ball of string. owning shares in a company allows me to question how management spends my money. don't forget this stock was in the 60's not to long ago, now were at 6. that record doesn't deserve the money tom and the bod are being paid. i'm hoping for a quick exit by tom ward and the board. tie up next management in performance based contracts only so we, the shareholder can see and enjoy some profit.

    • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Feb 1, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

      LOLZ, You sir are quite uninformed or your mind is diluted "Tomnausea Wardtitis"....the only reason this stock MAY hit 8 let alone 10 is because of TPG and a potential sale, not Tom Ward.

      In regards to immature bashing.....Tom Ward has killed peoples money on local advertsiement, okc basketball, planes, donations, and buildings, none of which he put any of his money into really, it was all compliments of the shareholders, however him being the face of the company, took all the ego boost he could from the above actions.

      All the while draining this company to the bone and taking many peoples investments and destroying them by up to 80% in some cases; he has seeked rewards, such as 25 mill in pay, planes paid for by us for his family's entertainment etc.

      Tom Ward is extremely smart, he is business savy and he extremely experienced with oil and Nat gas, however he isn't a team player, he uses his expertise to form trusts for his family behind the companys back and flip land to the company, so he get money for the trust, then sells the land SD overpaid for, and then takes some of that money off the top and justifies doing so by saying something like, no one saw what we saw as early on as we did, so we deserve a bonus, stock option etc.

      He is worth 3.5 Billion about i believe, its quite evident he doesn't need extra bonueses etc, his family is set for eternity as long as they put it in a basic savings account, (do the math, 5% interest in a good market, multiply that by just one billion) You would literally have to wipe your @** with money and flush it down the toilet and buy everything in sight to ever go bankrupt with that kind of money......Yet SD is teetering on bankruptcy due to high leverage, and needs all the cash it can get, yet he still insists he deserves 25million in pay when he has on of the worst performing stock out there.

      He has no class, and care about no one but himself, I want to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions, but I WOULD NEVER do it at the expense of average joe people out there, just struggling to get by to have enough to retire on. Shareholders put their TRUST in him, and he took their money and spat in their face....he is a disgrace of man and genuinely doesn't care about you or me, or anyone else for that matter.

      They say the "Power of us" yet he seems to be the only one with any power in the company. And he says were seeking to create value for ALL SHAREHOLDERS.....Spare me the BS, all their doing now is trying to tell us what we want to hear.

      The fact that you think tom is a good guy, and that people on thiss board should respect him and not talk ill of him is ridiculous, people have lost thousands if not hundreds of thousands, while he has pocketed millions.

      This company is nothing more than a system of cash flows for him.

    • Excuse me! Do you have a pea sized brain?

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