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  • trmmara trmmara Feb 19, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Where's all the old pumpers..........

    I miss you guys!!!!!

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    • Crocodile tears, tammy?? Looks to me like you've got the board you've always preferred; mindless blathering, incessant whining, completely one-sided commentary, total absence of thought. What could better suit you and all your little friends?

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      • Sorry not to have posted. I got arrested and thrown in Jail for a commodities scam running NG futures with my buddy Richard Finger and was only released today on bond. Tom fired me because of my association with a known criminal, and as SD is a publicly traded company, he felt it could reflect badly upon the company during the upcoming SEC investigations. But don't worry too much about me, TWC has hired me as a consultant and the pay is darn good, plus I still get to fly on the Falcon for free though have been advised to wear a hoodie and sunglasses when I show up at the airport. Payback and Tammy#$%$ etc. probably believe this BS, for the record I'm just pulling their legs and am an Independent Investor with no association with SD, Ward his family or cronies.
        That current TPG presentation pretty much nails the coffin shut on Ward and his family associations with SD. I'd be very surprised if the SEC did not investigate, at the least there are going to be a bunch more law suits flying.
        Lets talk about TWC holding 475,000 acres in the Miss play. That is a huge position, about the same sized acreage position that SD took in the WTO when it originally went public. TWC has what - 10 to 20 employees, and is in this play like a Billion Dollar plus market cap company - Very Disturbing.
        And how about all that supply coming online in the Marcellus? Any of you guys looking at current NG production in the USA? We may be close to 70bcfd now. Not to worry, I still say this will be a short lived pop in supply and maintain that the injection season will impact NG prices more than the withdraw season. NG prices are going to rebound, probably by next winter, but almost certainly in 2015. I like taking positions early. Do your own DD and stay diversified.
        ...PS I put Tammy on Ignore in the old MB format, so she probably won't be able to read this message. How do you unignore in this new MB format? Wouldn't mind taking her off my ignore list for a while, then probably put her back on if we start getting 10 to 20 posts per day or more from her.

    • You RAN us OUT,...dippy!
      Wish you'd a ran me out,.. 2 days earlier!,.. lost another $7,000
      How you doin' Tammy?
      Anybody find any Oil in the Miss Lime,..YET???
      Happy Dougie

    • crazy.glue Feb 19, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

      We are still here......listening to all the haters. There just is not any real investment strategies or advice going on here. This board has been reduced to spammers and the same old people trying to one up each other on the TW bashing. Boring and not profitable.
      AND just something to think about: If TPG had the votes, do you think they would still be publically begging for votes? Pretty soon they will be groveling.
      Hey has anyone noticed the ownership summary lately? Watsa's Fairfax filed 13g 02/14 stating ownership of 64,000,000 and Hamblin Watsa Investment Counsel owns another 32,000,000 for a total of 96,000,000 shares. That is almost 20% of Sandridge controlled by Watsa, TW's buddy. Add that to the 100,000,000 treasury stock controlled by SD BOD and TW's 25,000,000 and you will see there is almost zilch chance that TPG wins this vote.
      TPG is NOT the knight in shining armor most of the posters here beleive they are.........

    • I think Tom must have laid them off.

    • Hi trmmara; I was wondering the same thing. Possibly a couple of prominent posters here. Who always wrote lengthy, well written analysis reports and frequently. A sure sign that they are paid posters. I ask was their employment redirected elsewhere? Did the firms they worked for find their contracts dropped? These past couple of months though. They did not address SandRidge issues. Only the same old, same old analysis, we all know those issues. Also a couple were caught in a couple of fibs......

      Happy Payback Himself; Who Rocks With President Obama

    • 5 yrs chart ...bk??