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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Feb 28, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    win win

    earnings beat we make money , earnings loss we load up at 4.80 .... whatever happens , we'll be 10.00 by May ..... SD is not going BK and shorts will cover BIG "one day" ..... They are a greedy bunch though , I have to admit , and they always seem to win for the last 6 years ..... of course with a few scrap bones thrown to the longs now and then , but the shorts have feasted ..... and TOM is why ..... they have known Tom this whole time , and they knew SD would NEVER really fly while he was at the helm ....... Have you people noticed how calm and collected the shorts have been for years ....... They have never really panicked , just shorted more when SD spiked ..... and it's all because they knew Tom was draining equity from SD , and they also knew "one day" we'll hang that 2 bit player and show him how the big boys play hardball ...... watch as Tom loses his "baby" , all because of his greed ...... Wall Street knows all about Greed and it's effects on people

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    • No, that was LAST May it was going to be $10.

    • Divin - I would have to agree with your assessment and I do believe earnings will be a beat.....I have gotten two calls I have answered and at least six voicemails from both my conversations it was apparent that they wanted me to wait till after earnings to cast my vote....I thought that approach clearly telegraphed that earnings would be more positive than anticipated.....of course the pessimist in me just thought they want me to wait and hope they get their 50.1% first.....The fact that SD cannot declare victory after a month of voting is telling in my mind.....So I agree with you I think we are in a win/win situation.....if earnings are very good and the call tomorrow somehow shows that shareholders are in fact important to this company and that things are going to change....with a clear plan of what/when/how.....then we might see some uplift on this stock....I do think that if Tom believes that his acreage in the Miss is considerably different and more valuable than what CHK just received he will need to clearly provide those points of differentiation. I guarantee the questions will be numerous tomorrow and I think some gloves will be off.....all IMHO.....

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I would take 8 in May and think I was lucky.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I would LOVE to see 4.80...I would double my position...holding 1,000 at 5.70...

    • Load up at 4.80 and ride it down to 4. LMAO Don't you ever learn?