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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Mar 2, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    Pompous little squirrels are always out and about

    Trying to pump up their lack of self esteem by belittling others. Only a fool would call another a fool. Why would any secure minded person even have interest in what another persons position on a stock is? Investing is all about bettering your own performance, not measuring your outcome versus another person. My end results on any stock relies solely on my entrance and exits and what any other person does has no bearing on my end results whatsoever. So why all the banter ? Just pompous litttle minded squirrels trying to inflate themselves by deflating others..really pathetic existence..and they really don't have much hope of ever really amounting to anything regardless of their monetary tally.
    Just put them on ignore as they show themselves..and they can't help but show themselves!

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    • Good post bog. I do like to hear why people buy and sell, but we have a lot of folks who think they are WRIGHT and that you do not have the WRIGHT to your opinion. I agree ignore them. WRIGHT now I have more ignored post on this page than I have comments.

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      • I agree, I like to hear what others strategy is or what and why they think certain things might happen..that's called discussion. I seldom will disclose my cost basis in detail or my share count because lies are so prevalent why even begin that fiasco. It just irks me when others attack or belittle someone. SD is risky,,risk = reward and if someone is old enough to buy and sell stock then they should be shown respect whether you agree or disagree with their attempt to make a profit. I have too have many more on ignore..obviously you aren't I'll leave that to you to decide if it's a good or bad thing.! LOL...GLTA

    • I don't read your posts are really flagrant at being pompous. I encourage you to put me on ignore..I always encourage anyone who opposes my views or opinions to put me on ignore. I quit speaking with squirrels long ago especially the real pompous little can't change, I'm not going to change why even converse...ignore button = go away little person.

    • Ok fool........put me on ignore lol

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