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  • bigrgub bigrgub Mar 6, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    One theory I have is this

    That TW is trying his best to spend every dime the market will give him to drive SD in the ground after he has milked it and spent every dime of the retail investors money to put billions of infrastructure in so he is sitting there with his son and probably Aubry to take it all for pennies on the dollar. All these land purchases are right around the infrastructure. So yet again he uses our money to enhance his own self and family at our expense. I read the Ok new last night and it is clear that TPG has the votes ...hands down. TW will be threatened of massive lawsuits if he thinks he will get anything from SD and move on. TW has a plan I guarentee you that will take care of TW in all this one way or the other.

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