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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Mar 11, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    Listen up you Mullets and anyone else for that matter who wants to make money

    We (shareholders) are going to have one shot at redemption to come out of here with a moderate profit. I'm in at 5.68, but well say up to 5.75. So anyone in between 4.99-5.75, you don't have a good long term position, end of story. You have a good opportunity to make a little quick cash and than take the proceeds to HK a company with true potential. Tom's getting ousted, end of story, so i suspect the stock will quickly, within a few days tops rally to between 6.5-6.75. This is your opportunity to get out, and if your not a church kind of guy/gal, then thank your lucky stars and move onto HK at 6.99 or less for a 2-3 year holding period (you will make money, perhaps you'll consider buying me a mcchciken from mickey dees afterwards in thanks). Anyone in that 4.8 or less range, ultimately its your decision, if you want to own dead money for the most part for the next couple of years, if not maybe even eternity, then so be it, me personally, I don't like dead money. The stock may hit 7, however I personally don't see it going much above in a higest case scenario (I could be worng). UNDER NO circumstance will this hit 8 dollars tho, just from tom being ousted, chk only got 5 or so after aubrey, and after all this is Sandridge.....

    The time has come ladies and gents to not be greedy, not to be fearfull, not to be overly speculative, and sure as hell not to be a shareholder in this company unless you've got balls made of steel (mine are made of tissue) Don't restart a harvest plan with an unproven TPG, Will they succeed? I think so, however it takes TIME and as we all know, TIME is MONEY, don't waste time with dead money for the next year or so. You WILL have an opportunity in the future to buy this POS again and by that time, maybe it won't be such a POS.
    Good luck to anyone with brains (i don't care if your long short, both, or even good looking like oneself)

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