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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 15, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

    just another dime in my pocket! SD !

    Thanks SD, and especially for you Trmmara! I am about to stick another 11 cents per share into my pocket thus essentially, lowering my costs basis on SD. Contrary to your ill created, self serving conclusions, there are people who have made money on SD.
    I am sure there are those who have made much, much more than me. I am also however, confident, that you are not one of those people................................sadly, you spend too much time beating up on people on this board.

    Go get a life and stop playing the boardroom bully.

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    • You know Boar, I was hoping that these two bashers would go away when the take over was done, but they are still here so put them on ignore. They rarely have anything of value to say. Life is more peaceful without people like these guys in it. If they ever had something to say, I could put up with their jr high behavior.

    • Hey y'all......11 cents PER SHARE (and yes, when someone is willing to leave it on the table then I am more then willing to step forward and take it!) .....writing covered calls....learn your risks first.....and this is the only option I typically ever do because of the account type(s) I deal with for myself/Family.
      My philosophy is simple, short term in nature (typically 30 days or less to expiration, however sometimes as much as 90 days depending upon cost basis) and a willingness to potentially lose the stock and always FIFO.....however LIFO is always on the radar depending upon the situation.
      My other MUST is that I typcially only expose 50% of my position when writing calls just in case... !
      For instance, I am about to lose about half my position in CLNE.....ouch but hey, will have made money all the way around and still own 50%+ of position.

      DO NOT get involved w/options until you fully understand the risks. Writing (or selling covered calls) is considered to be the least risky of options. It can be a great tool depending upon your situation. See a broker or do your homework otherwise you will scalp yourself while YOU hold the blade yourself, so to speak!

      All IMHO of course and certainly not what the big money boys and girls like to do but it works for my situation.

    • Your inability to answer a couple simple questions tells me that you know nothing about trading or investing. So why are you here?

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      • Woah COWGIRL! You need to take your playground bully attitude and stick it right up into your own comfort zone! LMAO!
        Deflate your EGO, or step forward and tell us all what an expert you are at something besides harrassing people.
        Get OVER yourself and life will take a new turn for you. You need to stop entertaining yourself at the expense of others.

    • LOL you trade for 11 pennies? Is that all short term gains, or do you have shares that are long term? When you accumulate, do you sell LIFO or FIFO? just askin.

    • "there are people who have made money on SD"

      You must mean by shorting SD. Just for fun, look at a 5 year SD chart and try and guess what percentage of buyers made money over the years, then try and guess what percentage of buyers lost money over the years.

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      • Willy, i hear you. Sometimes taking your loss and moving on is what it takes. Or, sometimes playing a stock you have come to know, feel comfortable with, and are willing to extend your risk is worth it.

        there are alot of risks related to SD. however, I am focused more on what I think other investors are likely to do. I particularily like whomever the big fish is that likes to come out of no where, drive the price down 10% or more, only to release the price a week to a few weeks later and let it rebound. Seems someone is able to move this stock by about 10% at will so they are makling money in both directions, I just like to tag along!

        I've lost money in SD....I have a bad SD year in my portfolio...but more good years than bad!

        Normally I wouldn;t play this game however as I said before, if others are going to throw the cash on the table and it is an acceptable risk to me, then i'll take it!
        its not investing, its taking advantage of the pricing fluctuations of a particular stock. i don't recommend it to anyone...because you are adding risk...and want to keep an eye on things!
        Most of all, all IMHO!