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  • bnwild56 bnwild56 Apr 9, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    I didnt like the SA article

    About possible changes to SD...What is the IRR on the Misa?

    Say it is 50%/// UF SD spend 1.5 Billion on Miss it would return 1.5 Nillion in 12 to 18 months.
    Return of cash means drilling can continue just not increase....

    SO. the SA article wants SD to have Miss leases to expire...Talk about impairments...PLus losing the ability to flip if ,omey is tight at mutiples of cost....not a good plan....

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    • TPG,.. will sell off,.. some of the Miss Lime,.. it's in their Proxy,.. "cover letter".
      Ward supposedly, got Miss leases at,..$200 per acre,.. SD's,.. gonna, make Money selling off,.. the excess!
      SD,.. cannot Drill,.. 1.85 Million acres!
      Another F'up by Ward,.. as usual he got WAY ahead of ,..all,... "REASON" (sometimes did DUMB,.. things!!)
      Thank God,.. TPG,.. came along!
      all jmvho