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  • ttech17 ttech17 Apr 11, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Is SD going to participate in historic mkt rally, nat. gas rally, & oil rally???

    Surely cooperman, tpg, Goldman, etc. have expectations. That Barclays specialist for sd provides little or no support for this stock.

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    • Energy is not a driver in the current "historic rally" because the rally isn't driven by heightened expectations for economic growth. Boosts to higher energy consumption levels requires global economic growth, that doesn't seem to be in "the cards" for this year. Next, we aren't seeing much inflation yet from all the money printing that is occurring by central banks, but it will come....someday. When inflation eventually hits, crude and nat gas prices should move higher at a faster pace, as currencies move lower. SD is a 2014-2015 stock, unless some BIG OIL giant looks ahead and decides buy SD now to get command of the Mississippian resource play. As I figure it, with a scenario that assumes WTI at $100 and nat gas at $4.50 combined with a 300 basis-point boost on the credit side, a Big Oil company might make an offer of $10-12/share. A sure deal could occur at $15, but the acquisition wouldn't add to earnings for 2-3 years unless oil/nat gas prices going appreciably higher. I certainly would not bet on a $10+ billion offer for SD occurring any day soon.

    • you can't expect immediate participation by sd. there are tremendous changes going on to this company and we need to get past the quiet period by tpg.

      yes, sd will participate but it's going to be delayed until tom ward is fired and there is a new ceo in place.

    • Please explain. Do you mean that the Barclay's specialist was quick to bring the bid down but slow to bring the bid up? Noticed this in the past but think its trading better now. imho