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  • ttech17 ttech17 Apr 15, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    wall st. thieves sold april calls & bought puts on many stocks

    during this BS f_d reserve historic bull market. You can see that on countless stocks those crooks sold calls and owned puts on them. That was the wall st. thieves theme and menu from March through the expiration of April options on many stocks. this deceitful market based on fraud. If the retail go long on stocks and calls, they will take the opposite side. The markets move is based on where the retail or dumb money as they call it puts their money. These crooks via their investment "banks" and their specialists/market makers manipulate the stocks to the penny to enrich themselves and transfer money from the people to themselves daily. They have the specialists/mm's, business wires/news feeds, analysts, inside info., relationship with companies, motley fool/seeking alpha articles, etc. in order to move stocks how they want them. The specialists and market makers are even allowed via the SEC (regulation sho) to naked short stocks.

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