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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Apr 16, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    News will be the's all gonna come down to what and when. TPG was unambiguous as

    to their intent to sell assets in whole or in part. Consider much of the assets are gassy and the asset valuations are rising ..not..falling. $2 natgas was devastating...$4 natgas ...not so devastating. Have some patience...we'll learn more post earnings and CC. Definitive action is already ongoing regarding air force and land transactions......patience,patience, buzzards live well by feeding on what others walk away from but they learn to wait for the easy meal. GLTA

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    • very true. the unseen hand is moving behind the scenes. we can only know one thing for sure. tpg is calling the shots while tom ward is chained in his office and can only appear to be doing ceo work. ward is getting fired in another few months, and the focus now is to kick his #$%$ out the door without his golden parachute.

      i can't imagine that tpg is that far along selling #$%$ets and i think it will take a couple of quarters to demonstrate value in the mississippian - but who knows? some major may be ready to swoop this up. we must wait in the darkness. - hence the discounted price.

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