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  • saacoo3 saacoo3 Apr 17, 2013 3:48 PM Flag


    what a #$%$ mess. my patience is just about gone and i voted with tpfkme

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    • We are close to capitulation in this stock - I anticipate more pain before we have gain.....We are in a quiet period with TPG basically unable to talk based on the agreement they signed in March when the new Board Members they nomintated were installed.....I don't see any Form 4's from majority owners so they aren't buying more and they aren't selling more right now....You have over 65% of the company owned now by 15-20 major holders....there is no place for their shares to go - the market could not mop up their shares if it had too - there aren't buyers right now.....We are in no mans land right now - it's the life of the longs.....Shorts my hat goes off to you - I didn't think you had more to get - but apparently you do.....well played.....but I do believe our roles will reverse in's always about time......Good luck longs - all my IMHO....

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