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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Apr 17, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    To all of you who think I only speak when something goes my way etc. Here ya go....

    Portfolios down 13.26% to date :(
    Based on realized gain/loss i'm up a little over half of one percent.
    However looking forward, I like my odds, and when I have time to work this summer I will be average down big time hopefully.

    Mid may into june is when you should look to add to your position in SD,(not now) if and only if it is still in this slump in the 5.35- or less range, otherwise, I don't suggest adding more.

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    • I think you just post to feed your outsized ego. Yet another 'me' post.

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      • The original post was to show that I don't think I'm perfect and that I do make mistakes, I did that because many hear think that I think I walk on water (i'm not at liberty to discuss that matter with you)

        If you read all the dialogue though, you would see it was just the original post that was really pertaining to me. I'm also accused of being short/basher. Yet if you read my post, even though i'm down 13.26% on all my stocks together and I have SD at 5.55, I'm still a fan of it. I don't love SD and don't even really like it. But I think it has room to move north in the near future.

    • Hey I/V. I told you Buffett and Graham types wouldn't touch SD or AAPL before. Go for value is the name of the game and do it in Blue Chips, and stay away from tech stocks - AAPL case in point. Check out SDOG, and the soon to be released IDOG. You will be glad you did in the long run. SD is a fun little stock and probably will get a nice pop in the next year or two, but if you go with time proven value strategies, you always beat the speck stock growth game.

      Now I'm not saying that you can't occasionally get real lucky with the growth stocks, and if you get in early, you make a killing. But giants like AAPL and MS don't have that much upside.

      You should have listened to me - LOL, I'm just being a bit pompass, wish you well, but go for value and look into what I told you about Dividends don't lie and Value Investing.

      Often times I wish I would follow my own advise, but get side tracked on thinking I'm going to get a quick double or a home run, and it usually doesn't work out that way.


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      • Thanks for the advice, and I do agree with you 100% about value winning over spec stocks in the end. The reason I'm in companies like SD is because due to the fact that I don't have alot of cash as a college student, i'm looking for companies with potential huge upside in 1-2 years, that could help jump start my portfolio, so i can have enough money to diversify myself in multiple stocks and make more than like 100 bucks or so if I were to get a big gain. I will check into that book too, I'm currently reading the 6th addition of security analysis and with school, its making it hard to find alot of time to read that which is around 800 pages or so.

    • Well this is two posts where I have seen you say do not add more now. But add more at anything under 5.35 in June. Well, this may be news to you, but the stock is well under 5.35. So why would you wait until then as it may not get a whole lot cheaper than this. You could make 15-20% from here just up to 5.35. I do agree, however, that this will go up significantly from here through the summer. I just think you may as well buy now at these prices.

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      • I stand where I stand because you can only buy on so many occasions before your just picking sheet with the chickens. It's pointless to buy everyday, once a week tops and even that is too much, based on the voiliatiliy of this company, I would say buy twice a month tops. However to stay on point, I think its going lower before it goes higher, so to paint a picture for you, (i'm not saing these numbers will come to fruition but).........

        If you have 100 shares to buy. Why buy at 4.5 and then buy at 4.25 and avg out somewhere around 4.37, when you could assume based on the current price action its going lower, so wait and hold until it drops 10-15 % off your avg, instead of just buying every 2-6% drop or so. My thought process stems from the fact that I see it going lower, so although you should never buy all in at one price, when you KNOW its going lower, why not wait to start your averaging down.

        I know that sounds a little confusing, however hopefully you get the gist of it. If I had to take a guess right now, just off the top of my head and throw out a number as I'm typing this very line, I would say we see 4.35 intra day sometime this week. I personally would say, don't buy because theres a lot of time between now and june 30th.......Need I remind you what happended last time earnings came out. If we are in this 4.5 to 4.35 range and earnings come back poor with no news to propel it upwards until june 30, we may see 3.89 to 4.10 at which case then I say buy all you can, but remember to stay diversified.