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  • ttech17 ttech17 Apr 17, 2013 7:13 PM Flag

    As soon as retail 401k/sep money goes in; "THEY" short down

    As soon as they captured all the 401k, ira's, sep's, and other money going into the market ahead of tax time, "THEY" then via their mm, specialists, and hedges distributed the shares and then shorted the market to the ground. Again, the market moves based on where the retail money goes. Retail money in means they will make then losers and take the opposite side. They need folks to lose money b4 they can make money so they're always on the hunt to deceive and capture as many victims as possible. BEARnanke is forcing retirees to go into their casino via zero interest rates, but as soon as they put their money in the market collapses even though 70% of stocks are at 52 week lows or all time lows.