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  • vcan24 vcan24 Apr 18, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    At the moment only 2 issues concern me with SD

    1. We need an all clear of any accounting irregularities
    2. get to the bottom of the true value of the Miss/L(O&G prices are still stable)

    3. just a bonus point.. DOR..Do we keep the DOR? Let TPG determine if it's worth keeping or sell the assets to pay off debt. We should probably sell some Miss/L assets as well.

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    • insider monkey says sd was 10% of tpg's holdings on 12/31, some 33 million shares. it' s hard to believe that tpg wouldn't cross every i and dot every t, especially when you see how methodical dinakar sing is in his approach. i'm betting no material surprises. i would love to get ward out asap so we can get to the finish line with this. i'm sticking pins in my tom ward voodoo doll.

      where can you get the most up to date hedge fund info?

    • Curious of you concern: What accounting irregularities are you talking about.

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      • Since TPG is looking under the hood I don't want to wake up one morning to see "accounting irregularities" in any headline. These slick CEO's have a tendency to cook the books or withhold negative information from the public.. accounting irregularities have been prominent in public equity sector as with HNR, ATPG, GMXR and dmnd just to name a few. I'm hoping that TW didn't but wouldn't put it past him. I would like to put that thought behind me and focus on capitalizing on the assets values of this company.

        For me personally any accounting irregularities is my biggest fear (risk) with SD.. next is to have the true valuation of the Miss/L. As of now it's treated as the ugly stepchild..

    • i'm sure tpg has put a pencil to all the possible iterations regarding assets disposals. and i trust they know a lot more than i could ever learn about it. i would rather have a fast $8 to $9 flip and sale and let whoever buys it get the risk/reward of long term hold.

    • DOR needs to be kept... Anyone who thinks we should sell it does not know how to run a business. If we can get some good money from selling off KS Miss Lime then we should do so. Unfortunately the market is too depressed right now for that.