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  • kansanoildude kansanoildude Apr 25, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    I remember once, about 3 years ago, when SD ran up and did not lose the gain

    during the day. Or maybe that was 4 years ago.

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    • Kansas,
      SD has gained about $.38 cents in a week,.. it's starting to look,.. promising,..
      that's, $3,800 for every 10,000 shares held,..NOT BAD, huh?
      SD has been beaten down, like a Red headed,.."step child" and,..
      unfortunately,.. there's still a LOT of stock,.. in the "float" that needs to be bought.
      We "little Guys" can't buy enough to "move",.. SD so, we're waiting on the "Big Guys" at this "point"!
      BUT,.. the ,.. "TIDE" is,..CHANGING!
      Lots of Money to be made on SD, and Wall St. "players" will,.. take notice!
      SD,.. WILL,.. be in the "News",.. SOON.
      ONE, credible "upgrade" or, some good "News" of , a couple of "gushers" in the Lime and SD,.. will jump back to,..previous,..LEVELS!
      Good Luck,.. all,..LONGS,..we're,..DUE
      all jmvho

    • Kansas, it clearly is different this time - we aren't seeing what we have seen in the past - in fact we have never been here before.....what I mean by that is we have had including today 7 out of 19 days in this trading month have we closed above $5 bucks...Today is our 9th day straight with a close below $5.00....We had one glimpse at $5.10 today with very little volume supporting it and then here we are again - down 5cents and solidly off of the three month average for volume by over 2M shares.....Shorts are not at all frightened with their position.....until they are we won't see what we have seen in the past.....You either take solace in knowing that 10 firms really own this company and are invested largely.....or you fear that any one of them unloading their position brings us to our knees.......I am long but I am certainly tired of all of this....Earnings call better be fundamentally different than it has been before...I think we have only gone up once if memory serves me after earnings calls.....they have not been good since August 2011.... IMHO....

      Sentiment: Hold

    • this is a perfect storm for hedge funds and traders to control the stock. that storm will be over in june at the latest.

    • Ye of little faith. There is a "belly" of oil just waiting to be harvested in W. Kansas.

    • We NEED,.. "News" and ,.. "UP grades"!!
      2 weeks,.. 2010,.. AGAIN,.. IMO