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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Apr 25, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    I wrote a poem for all of you longs.... "What are the Chances"

    What are the chances earnings come back good?
    What are the chances Tom Ward stays or gets his parachute package?
    What are the chances the share price significantly rallies if he is ousted?
    What are the chances this company gets sold by year end?
    What are the chances the company will be sold by next year's end?
    What are the chances we don't get low balled for selling since TPG doesn't have the ability to HIGHLY EFFICIENTLY run an oil and NG company?
    What are the chances the Miss lime turns into more of a oil producer instead of ngas producer for us?
    What are the chances we don't fall another 50% between now and next year if the economy corrects, oil drops, ngas drops, and TPG fails to efficiently run this company the way it should be ran?
    What are the chances you all come to terms with the facts and realize that this could all turn out to be one big bust and you could lose everything?
    What are the chances you recognize there are no givens here in terms of significant share appreciation?
    What are the chances you see the light, or lack thereof?
    Oh!!! I almost forgot one ;) ....what are the chances Doug's chart predictions turn out to be right for once? (I know you got a little smile outta that one Dougy)

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