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  • is_that_yo_mama is_that_yo_mama Apr 30, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    Tommy Boy and the rest of the Sr. Management, BOD need to go ASAP!

    Nothing positive can come from the back stabbing that these people will continue to fester. Clean house ASAP and it looks like that is being done. My guess is there may be a buyer in the wings. JMO!

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    • i'm pondering selling tom ward voodoo dolls, complete with pins and needles... and a little plank you can make him walk :) and a little commode you can flush him down.

    • Ward is a thieving POS and must go. Hopefully some dirt is uncovered regarding his prior 'pocket linings" and he will be kicked out in June with no golden parachute!

    • I have pondered whether Tom would stay on the board , possibly striking some deal to be a team player and let bygones be bygones , but I think that would never happen , because of "the backstabbing" and hatred "festering" from the "old regime" (you mentioned) ...... I'm not saying it would be a good idea to keep anyone from the former board , just thinking they might find a "cordial deal" for Tom to "save face" and they all work together ..... I don't think that could have a chance in heeeelllllllll though ...... way too much ego for that ....... I'm sure TPG would rather not deal with "the former emperor" , and it's going to be "adios" by June ...... Seems to be the logical choice , clean slate , and go from there ...... Tom leaving , and the following press release / guidance , I think , pops this puppy a buck or two ........ I am not sure the "tankage" is over though , that last "bottom" was not very convincing , as it was not followed by a huge volume spike upwards indicating a massive change in course and trend , BUT , SD can be a sneaky little devil sometimes , and hard to predict ........ I think I have read #$%$ just happened !!!!" , more on the SD board , than on all the other boards combined !!!!!!!! LOL .......

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      • no way. ward is out the door no matter what happens. he is hoping to get out in a face saving way with 96 million. this is the end for ward. i don't understand why some people think this clown has any special skills. he's been wrong in huge ways, and right in some as well. all in all, he's been a very poor ceo. look at the century plant fiasco that we've got to feed 30 million this year alone. anyone can buy assets, some will be good. most people on this board would have done a better job with shareholder's money than tom ward.

      • Divin, I would have to say the chance of that would be less than 5% - 1). He would have to be cleared totally by the third party investigating his land dealings - don't know what those odds are. 2). If he is cleared he would have to undergo a metamorphosis of sorts - a reduction of ego, a change of heart, an ability to humble himself at a level that I have not seen as a shareholder...3). He would have to accept that his baby is no longer his baby and in fact when he went to the public markets in 2007 he should have known that then....4). He would have to utilize the same skills that got him the Repsol deal, the Korean JV, the three trusts, and even the Permian Sale....when he turns on that aspect of himself he is apparently able to make things happen - he needs to use that skill in his final task - to sell his baby for a premium that the market didn't believe he could possibly achieve......Like I said - all those things seem highly unlikely - and that's why I give it less than 5% chance....IMHO - good luck longs...

        Sentiment: Hold

      • If I recall correctly..Aubrey was going to remain on the board...but...I would imagine it's pretty unpleasant to sit on a board where every vote is against you...especially for folks with egos and used to being surrounded by "yes" men. I think Tom's exit will very much mirror Aubreys exit from CHK....ahead of schedule and for good. I only hope the law firm has enough undeniable proof to cut the cords of his golden parachute. "SPLAT" would be the best thing we could hear from Tom !!!!