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  • cramerstrophywife cramerstrophywife May 7, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Short squeezeeeee

    It's going to be huge!

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    • no it won't. IMHO This looks classic buy rumor then it will be sell news after cc. Lot of steps and a few qtrs need to go bye before things really look up. Maybe 7s are in the future but a few qtrs out.

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    • I would hazard a guess that 90% of shorts pos. are hedges against a long pos. The squeeze will not come until it is absolutely clear that SD is in turn-around mode, and all uncertainties have been removed. I doubt that a good beat on earnings will be enough to start the squeeze, but a real good outlook just might. If things continue to improve for SD along with increase prices for NG, the squeeze will soon come.

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      • rc - spot on! There is no fear hear - we see that with trading over the past weeks....extreme low volume yesterday in SD and today is no barn burner....It would be interesting to see if we force any kind of covering today for a 25cent gain prior to earnings tonight......I would think earnings would be good - nat gas was up in Q1, and up more now in Q2....As I said in another post I have to think Tom and his team had to see they were in the sights of some large shareholders in Q4 2012....So they had to know they needed to drill more in the sweet spots, expedite ESP installations, leverage the Atlas agreement on new 2013 wells and drive performance.....Key will be tomorrow and whether we hear any solid news on other acreage performance in the play, multi pay zones, hard asset sales, cost reduction measures, capital spending projections, etc.etc.etc.....If the market likes what it hears then I think you start to see some short covering.....but I personally don't think it happens overnight....Good luck longs - at least we have some info coming tonight and tomorrow!!! IMHO....

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      • But for NOW,.. a "little" CHINESE,.. water "Torture" is GOOD,.. for the,.. "SHORTS",..LOVE IT!
        They still "hope" that,.. SD,..tanks,...
        Guidance WILL be KEY and once SD over $5.60,.. the "HEAT",.. will start!
        all jmvho and LMFAO about it!