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  • tamatjab tamatjab May 8, 2013 11:28 AM Flag


    Could someone please explain what these stacked plays are? Is it multiple deposits through one well??

    Also I am at work, how did the call go? With the share price action my gut is telling me not so well which irritates me. What was wrong with it? I loved the earnings report out last night, showed discipline and a company that is in the works of leaning up...something we have not seen...ever

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    • The status of the Horizontal Miss is better than it ever has been.
      The play is pretty well proven up in the original landing zone, the Upper Miss, and other operators including SD have been working on adding the Lower and Middle along with the Chester. The well costs are lower than ever, the production is better than it has ever been. The asset is quite large and with multiple zones could represent a massive onshore find. The market is consumed with HBP and EUR of a type curve that involves using every well in the play, including wildcat wells 100 miles from core acreage that are making 10 bopd.

      The concerns for me are the WTO and what to do with it. We can't make money unless ng goes above 7 or 8 and we can't sell it right now. meantime we are paying oxy a penalty bc we can't make any CO2 if we aren't drilling. Remember this stock went to $60/share based on that property and its just sitting there. Frustrating.

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      • are you talking about the West Texas Overthrust? Is that where our nat gas agreement is with oxy? How much are we paying them?

        So what your saying about the market consumed with wildcat wells (I am not an oil man) does this mean even wells far from the so called sweet spots as you stated 100 milles that are duds are included? Duds are expected arent they? Should this be of concern? Did they mention any progress for qtr 2 on wells ect? I know at the beginning of may there was a well completion of 1500 bod. Is % oil increasing? I would like to see 50% soon

        Is most of the drilling program going on in oklahoma? How is the kansas play turning out? If i recall correctly the majority of our holdings are in kansas
        any updates on ESP's? how much are they improving well rates?

        Thanks! and sorry for the questions

        The earnings release seemed very nice...Nat Gas price average for the quarter was 3.13 I believe. We should add a dollar to that this quarter

    • Multiple deposits in one field or lease. Like the Bakken and the Three Forks in N. Dakota. Nothing wrong with the CC, there seems to be a lack of understanding in oil developement in the Investment community......Just Sayin