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  • goldmanthieves goldmanthieves Jun 19, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    Tom Ward the thief is gone!

    Too bad it will cost SD shareholders 90 million but at least that thieving dirtbag is history! Hope Tom has a massive heart attack during early retirement.............

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    • If Ward did anything wrong, he wouldn't have got the $100 MM. TPG has destroyed a total of $120 million (Ward and the other execs' packages). That's almost 25 cents a share. I hope TPG is satisfied now and would stop barking. Dinakar Singh just has to catch the fad and pick somebody to bark. Running an oil and gas company is different from trading stock and bond.

      TPG held 36,216,000 share at 3/31/2013. Let see if Singh is brave enough to add more shares at $4.82. We shall see. That would prove if he is believe in what has been barking for.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I see the PPS is still at 5.00, Maybe they can get rid of those other boardmembers !!!! Didn't YOU name all of them Thieves also????? Guess your just rolling in all that TPG value, after all you've been short all along!!! One thing about it WARD won't sue he signed his agreement !!! I NEVER shorted, I had 16K and sold at 7 only have 2.5k left i bought at 6 sold 1k the otherday while it was above its 4.87....that i had purchased........ Hoping someone dies in his retirement tells me your one of those fun loving Liberal socialist DemoRats.

    • at least the piece of #$%$ is gone. i'm sad that he got almost 20 cents a share, and i hope karma pays him a visit. who says it doesn't pay to rip off shareholders? the system blesses this, even if it's outrageous. all you have to do is have the bod in your pocket and do all the paperwork.

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