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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Jul 3, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    Sandridge is Worth....

    Reasonably, 6.5-7.25, given a little bit of time and an upswing in the market. Sandridge MAY be worth 10 dollars in a very best case scenario, however once you get into that 7 dollar range, given current financials, I personally find it quite speculative and risky to aim for that 10 dollar mark, there are just to many things not going their way to support that price target. After all, their not even expected to be profitable the next two years. Do you really think that justifies a 10 dollar stock?

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    • Gotta have good news, and I mean nearly fraudulent good news to drive us up to 8. If TPG and Coop think we are worth 9-10, then maybe some other chump will bite on a jacked up press release. My avg is 5.3, and declining every week.

    • Profitability will be the key. New management can put on the breaks on the drilling and major additional capex on the water infrastructure and get to profitability/cash flow positive sooner rather than later and stock will move quickly. Higher oil/ng prices will help but the stock has been detached from the commodity price for the last few months so at this stage street is really looking to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel to profitability. Posters like client are right that BV and stock will keep going down or languish until management shows results and commitment to profitability.

    • A Sandwich Is Worth more than this; A turkey and avacado at Panera is $8.50 ..Will this oinker ever see $8.50 ? Hardly !..Cooperman's family is threatening to have him undergo a medically induced coma if he dares buy more stock..I am staying long due to my inordinate respect for Mr Leon..But this pick of his is hardly impressive.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • SD bv will continue going down each quarter. They can't make a profit off the 3rd rate okie land, unless oil and ng SKYROCKET!!! I honestly don't think you will ever get your losses back. gl intel..

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      • I wouldn't be surprised if you were right, however I'm averaged in at 5.47 now and I genuinely believe I can get a break with a rally before years end in which case I will be out. I see one of two things after q4 earnings......If they can just break even for the year, I see a 6.5 to 7.25 price, however if they do suffer a tremendous loss, I see it at 3 and mid to low change. (I wish I would have originally listened to my inner voice months ago and not bought, however I did, so now I am going to ride out the storm)

        P.S. to everyone out there, SD will in all likelihood not be sold even in a year like many of you have your fingers crossed for.............. so get your heads out of your @ s s e s and look at the company for what it is.

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